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I am a motivated problem solver and experienced lead engineer turned data scientist, dedicated to helping organizations achieve their goals through the power of data-driven insights. With a track record of successfully delivering complex projects in demanding environments, I possess a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic thinking.As a data scientist, I excel in leveraging advanced machine learning techniques and Python programming to extract actionable insights from complex datasets. My expertise extends to end-to-end model development and deployment, allowing me to deliver innovative solutions that drive efficiency, optimize processes, and enhance customer experiences.With a strong foundation in cloud platforms and software development, I possess the skills necessary to translate data-driven solutions into practical applications that align with business objectives. I have a proven ability to bridge the gap between technical complexities and strategic decision-making, providing organizations with a competitive edge in today's data-centric landscape.Throughout my career, I have demonstrated my ability to drive tangible results. Whether it's developing predictive models to optimize battery performance for vaping devices or creating data-driven sick leave prediction models to improve manpower management, I am dedicated to delivering solutions that directly impact the bottom line.In addition to my technical expertise, I bring a collaborative and agile mindset to every project. With experience leading teams and managing projects of varying sizes, I thrive in dynamic environments where innovation and adaptability are key. My expertise in both traditional and agile methodologies ensures efficient project execution while maintaining a keen focus on delivering high-quality outcomes.Let's connect and be friend.Saurabh Bhardwaj