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How Collaboration works at Omdena

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Why Collaborative Learning makes sense

Talented people from various backgrounds driven by both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation complement each other and build AI models collaboratively. Through shared learning, diverse opinions, and varying skill-sets, our communities build AI models in a trust-based, faster, and more efficient way.

The Process

  • An organization submits a project request

    We check the project request including the problem-to-be-solved.

  • We create the right environment

    We build the project community and select the right people based on skills and motivation.

  • The community executes the project

    We learn from each other and deliver the AI model.


The Advantages of Collaborative Learning

Enthusiasts from various backgrounds get the chance to work on a real-world problem while companies get access to data scientists and AI experts. We give opportunities to talent globally and enable organizations to build AI models more successfully. This is our contribution to democratizing AI.

  • Higher in-house expertise

    Going through a project with us will develop your AI knowledge. The result is a powerful combination of institutional knowledge and best in class AI expertise to increase the success rate of your future projects.

  • Better data quality

    Our data wranglers clean, tag, and if necessary, enhance your data sources. Together with our robust and tested validation processes including peer-to-peer reviews and expert checks we ensure the highest quality standards.

  • Faster model development

    Our fast-lane process, enabled by working with a project community rather than smaller teams, allows us to test multiple models simultaneously to identify the most efficient model for your needs, saving time and costs.

  • Higher trust in the end product

    Our project communities are sourced from a diverse pool of talent, your team, and if possible parts of your user base. This approach results in more trust and diversity in the development process to build truly impactful AI solutions.

Our Experts

Our network spans leading AI, data and domain experts combining years of experience in various industries.

  • AI Experts team

    Neil is an IBM Master Inventor, UN Artificial Intelligence subject matter expert, and professor at UC Irvine who creates next-generation products.

  • Data Experts team

    Ali is a Global Big Data Guru with numerous projects for Fortune 500 companies and appearances in several lists of "Who's Who in Big Data".

  • Domain Experts team

    Martin is a Professor for Business Analytics and Computational Economics at one of Germany's leading business schools.

Get in Contact

Build an AI model

Please contact us if you want to be part of Omdena, either as an organization or a community. We will assess your request based on our project requirements.

We are a US company, headquartered at:
449 Hawthorne Ave #3
Palo Alto
CA 94301