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We use best-in-class tools, infrastructure, processes, and people

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Organizations of all sizes – from startups to NGOs – use Omdena´s collaborative platform to build effective & efficient solutions in record time. Our bottom-up-driven collaborative platform combines the best-in-class processes, tools, infrastructure, knowledge base, libraries and people along with the right support and mentoring for successful AI development.



“Omdena has changed our lives”

John Zoltner

The results are extremely promising. Not just for Save the Children but for the entire field of NGOs and other actors working to protect children.

John Zoltner

Senior Advisor, Technology for Development, Save the Children
Save The Children

It was truly an honor to partner with Omdena changemakers and build solutions to help protect children. Thank you so much for supporting our mission!

Save the Children

AI Incubator

Working with Omdena has been truly impactful. The partnership has enabled us to test and iterate on new models at speeds, we would not have imagined doing ourselves.

Bolong Chew

Founder & CEO, Solar AI Technologies / ENGIE
AI Disaster Response

After this project experience, I can´t go back to the old normal. Omdena showed us the way to do innovation. 

Erdem Ergin

Disaster Management Consultant, UNDP
Word Resources Institute

We’re really excited about the results of this project. My team currently uses the code and infrastructure on an almost weekly basis. 

John Brandt

Data Scientist, World Resources Institute
AI solutions

Omdena is making a real change in building AI solutions for meaningful problems.

Kirk Borne

Worldwide #1 Top AI Influencer
AI solutions

Omdena is a revolutionary idea and by far the best thing I saw in 2019. The biggest value is the delivery of a working solution in a very precise timeframe (8 weeks).

Semih Boyaci

Co-Founder Impact Hub Istanbul

This is an amazing project. I really love the direction Omdena is setting. A real positive and visible influence in the field.

Brandon Rohrer

Global AI influencer

A great collaborative experience for mission-driven organizations and UN agencies with limited resources and AI expertise. The biggest value we have experienced is the great diversity of backgrounds and ideas.

Rebeca Moreno Jiménez

UNHCR Innovation

Omdena’s community accomplished in 8 weeks what we tried for two years while working with large corporations. I can say Omdena is one of the world’s finest set of Data Scientists working for Social Good.

Rahul Ranjan Srivastava

Tech Lead, Safecity



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