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Balcera Heide Mae Balcera

Carlos Jester

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    [Philippines Chapter] Mapping Urban Vulnerability areas (Crimes, Disasters, etc.) using Open Source Data

    Applications close on 29 Nov 2022


    Completed projects

    • Image Recognition
    • Machine Learning
    • Nighttime Data
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Remote Sensing
    • Satellite Imagery

    Mapping and Recommending Allocation of Fisheries to Increase Aquatic Production in The Philippines

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    25 Nov 2022

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    About Chapter Leads

    Balcera Heide Mae Balcera

    Heide transitioned from the academe to the data industry in 2019. She has taken up roles involved in different stages of the data science lifecycle – from data collection as a research associate to database management as a junior information specialist. Currently, she works as a Lead Machine Learning Engineer for both GCash and Omdena where she makes an impact through AI for Good. She believes that with each small project, we can make our world better than yesterday.

    Carlos Jester

    Jester is a Junior Business Analyst aspiring to accelerate smart society and clean energy with sustainability and through equity using data, AI, and imagination. He has an interest in computer vision and NLP, loves innovation and community science.