Local Chapter Challenge: Practice Your Skills AI Tool for Linguistic & Psychometric Assessment of Soft Skills from Meeting Recordings
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AI Tool for Linguistic & Psychometric Assessment of Soft Skills from Meeting Recordings

Challenge Started!

This Omdena Local Chapter Challenge runs for 4 weeks and is a unique experience to try and grow your skills in a collaborative and safe environment with a diverse mix of people from all over the world. 

You will work on solving a local problem, initiated by Hyderabad, India Chapter.


The problem

Omdena Hyderabad Local Chapter is working on a product that can evaluate meeting recordings and provide quantitative, personalized feedback on the soft skills of each participant along with recommendations to develop their skills throughout their professional journey.

A model for assessing communication skills from audio files and a framework for extracting byte-sized recommendations for various soft skills from online forums have been built as part of past local chapter challenges.

In order to get a holistic perspective of a person’s ability, it is important to consider the other essential soft skills such as interpersonal skills, leadership skills, adaptability, collaboration, empathy, adaptability, critical thinking, conflict resolution, and time management. 

Assessment of the aforementioned soft skills from meeting recordings requires inputs from experts in domains such as linguistics and psychology in order to identify the different qualifying features that can be extracted from audio signals, mapped to appropriate soft skills, and fed to the machine learning pipeline built in past challenges.


The goals

  • Linguists, Soft Skill / Voice Trainers interested in building ML models for their domain areas. 
  • Psychologists / Counsellors interested in building ML models for their domain areas.
  • Researchers interested in quantifying soft skills from audio signals.

The deliverables from the challenge:

  • Audio-based linguistic and psychometric features for evaluation of soft skills.
  • Integrated soft skill assessment pipeline and recommendation pipeline.


Why join? The uniqueness of Omdena Local Chapter Challenges

Omdena Local Chapter Challenges are not a competition or hackathon but a real-world project that will grow your experience to a new level.

A unique learning experience with the potential to make an impact through the outcome of the project. You will go through an entire data science project lifecycle. This covers problem scoping, data collection, and preparation, as well as modeling for deployment.

And the best part is that you will join the global and collaborative community of Omdena with tons of benefits to accelerate your career.


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