Local Chapter Challenge: Practice Your Skills Mitigating Air Pollution in Poland Through Machine Learning
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Mitigating Air Pollution in Poland Through Machine Learning

Challenge Started!

This Omdena Local Chapter Challenge runs for 4 weeks and is a unique experience to try and grow your skills in a collaborative and safe environment with a diverse mix of people from all over the world. 

You will work on solving a local problem, initiated by the Warsaw, Poland Chapter.


The problem

Air pollution is a particular problem in Poland. The annual EEA reports on air quality show that Poland is among the countries with the worst air quality in Europe. Bad air quality affects people’s lives and constitutes a considerable health risk. Therefore, mitigating air pollution could improve quality of life and lead to an overall healthier society. At the same time, this would reduce costs for the Polish health care system.

An important step towards mitigation is the identification of the main factors and causes of air pollution specific to Poland. By using local time-series data on air pollutants together with other relevant country-specific data, an AI-assisted approach could yield valuable insights in this matter. In particular, a machine-learning model for air quality prediction could give policy makers a simple but powerful tool to help tackle the issue of air pollution in Poland.


The goals

  • Identification of main factors contributing to air pollution in Poland.
  • Prototype a simple machine-learning model to predict air quality (classification or regression model, conventional or deep learning model).
  • Open source GitHub repository.


Why join? The uniqueness of Omdena Local Chapter Challenges

Omdena Local Chapter Challenges are not a competition or hackathon but a real-world project that will grow your experience to a new level.

A unique learning experience with the potential to make an impact through the outcome of the project. You will go through an entire data science project lifecycle. This covers problem scoping, data collection, and preparation, as well as modeling for deployment.

And the best part is that you will join the global and collaborative community of Omdena with tons of benefits to accelerate your career.


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First Omdena Local Chapter Challenge?

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  • Duration: 4 to 8 weeks

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