AI Innovation Challenge: Innovate a Solution Using Image Analysis to Estimate the Density of Blood Cells
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Using Image Analysis to Estimate the Density of Blood Cells

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This challenge requires experience in Image Analysis, Data Analysis, and Machine Learning.

You will join a team of 50 technology changemakers from different experience levels and backgrounds.


The Context

LiteBC is developing the first non-invasive blood count analyzer, the HemoScope, that will enable obtaining blood count results within 30 seconds, in a non-invasive and affordable device. The HemoScope will impact the health of society, enabling remote healthcare and reducing financial barriers for the lower social-economic populations. LiteBC will acquire huge amounts of data from the HemoScope, which will be in video format, consisting of blood vessel images from two distinct microscopes. Each subject’s data will be accompanied with ground truth data – taken using the traditional blood count analyzers in the hospital.

During the challenge, the videos/images will be analyzed and transformed into single numbers representing the quantities of various parameters: white blood cells count, red blood cells count, hemoglobin levels, etc.


The Project Goals

The AI solution should be able to estimate the density of various blood cell types based on visual data acquired by our device. The estimation can, for example, be constructed as a segmentation problem followed by a counting process of single blood cells. The training and testing processes will be based on both annotated data and results of traditional blood tests.

The deliverables should be a procedure to estimate different parameters of the blood count, based on our visual data.


Why join? The uniqueness of Omdena AI Challenges

A collaborative experience you never had in your working life! For the next eight weeks, you will not only build AI solutions to make a real-world impact but also go through an entire data science project lifecycle. This covers problem scoping, data collection, and preparation, as well as modeling for deployment.

And the best part is that you will join a global and collaborative team of changemakers. Omdena AI Challenges are not a competition or hackathon but a real-world project that will take your experience of what is possible through collaboration to a new level.


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