14 Top HealthTech Startups Revolutionizing Healthcare with AI

Mar 2, 2022
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14 Top HealthTech Startups Revolutionizing Healthcare with AI

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The Omdena “Impact Tech Startups Series” comprises game-changing startups, stories, and thought-leadership pieces from leading impact ventures solving real-world problems. The series is part of Omdena´s AI program for impact-driven startups and scaleups. 

Check out this list of Rockstar HealthTech Startups applying Tech for Good to build a brighter future.

All professional fields are advancing, and the healthcare sector has embraced the technological revolution. The benefits of AI adaptation in the healthcare sector include improvement in data collection and communications, faster results in research and clinical trials, and medical devices for patients. HealthTech startups have revolutionized the way that healthcare is delivered across the globe. They are changing the way that we all live and how we manage our health. 

What are HealthTech startups?

HealthTech Startups are startups that are dedicated to advancing the healthcare profession via the application of AI and other emerging technologies. There are very specific niches that HealthTech startups have found themselves focusing on. According to Tincture, HealthTech companies can focus on categories of the healthcare sector that include: Patient Empowerment, Healthcare Coordination, Payment Reform, and Personalised Medicine. 

  • Patient Empowerment HealthTech startups focus on encouraging patients to take an active role in their own health. 
  • Healthcare Coordination HealthTech startups create relationships between differing enterprises in the healthcare sector. These can include relationships between hospitals and insurance providers, or even internal customers like doctors and nurses. 
  • Payment Reform focused HealthTech companies aim to ensure that patients can adequately pay for their healthcare needs. 
  • Personalized Medicine-focused HealthTech companies aim to ensure that patients are treated according to their needs. Every patient has their own unique traits and ensuring that medicine can factor this into consideration, makes treatments customizable to the patient. 

Explore more AI use cases applied for healthcare via: omdena.com/machine-learning-applications-in-healthcare/

What is AI in healthcare?

AI in healthcare is a term that is used to describe the application of AI principles, in order to solve medical problems. Computers and other smart devices are able to process data and make decisions that will enhance patient care. These decisions include more accurate diagnoses and individualized healthcare. 

What are the benefits of AI in healthcare?

Computers are data processing machines. With their current capabilities, AI applications in healthcare are able to optimize:

  • Real-Time Data processing: If patients are connected to a smart device, their critical health parameters can be tracked in real time, and any changes will be detected early. 
  • Research Activities: With access to large pools of data, critical information can be gleaned that will enable solution creation. 
  • Streamlining of Tasks: Patient care may often require more than one specialist. Streamlining the process of treatment will ensure a smoother patient journey. 

What is the future of AI in healthcare?

The future of AI in healthcare involves integrating patient data with customized treatment plans. Where possible appointments for annual medical reviews can be automatically scheduled, patient health trends readily identified, and therapies prepared for patient treatment plans. The relevant decisions will be enhanced by expert systems in AI. 

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Top HealthTech Startups Revolutionizing Healthcare with AI in 2023 

1. Radmol 



Radmol is building tools so that healthcare providers hardly need to second guess themselves. Radmol’s goal is zero risk of delays and errors. Radmol is making it easy for physicians at every level of encounter or interaction to better identify the risk of cancer early, while removing delays associated with lack of access to timely treatment.

An example Radmol Project with Omdena: AI for Cancer Risk

2. Medorion



Medorion aims to help organizations manage the entire process of health management more efficiently, and take strides that will change medical behavior across entire populations and improve the lives of millions of individuals.

Founded in 2017, the company is led by an experienced team of AI and behavioral science experts and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Project: Optimizing Covid-19 Vaccination 

3. Celeri Health

Celeri Health

Celeri Health

Celeri Health uses real-world outcomes to change the paradigm of care for people living with chronic pain by getting them the right therapy at the right time. The Celéri Health Solution provides a performance-boosting framework for practices to increase ROI, streamline and increase the quality of care, and generate new patients.

Celeri Health Business Model 

4. Transformative 



Transformative’s predictive patient monitoring software allows healthcare providers to respond to life-threatening medical events before they occur. Using cutting-edge machine learning techniques employed at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, Transformative identifies subtle changes preceding patient deterioration that are invisible to both physicians and standard patient monitoring software, transforming the patient monitoring paradigm from reactive to predictive.

Omdena Innovation Challenge: Predicting Cardiac Arrest 

5. Chronomics



Chronomics is renowned for its pioneering bio-infrastructure platform. At Chronomics, the company has built the first end-to-end bio-infrastructure platform to radically simplify, speed up and scale how organizations integrate biomarkers into their products and services – driving value and improving outcomes.

Chronomics Projects: Our Story 

6. Surgeri



Surgeri is a clinical intelligence platform that analyzes data to transform real-world data into actionable insights. SURGERi’s data science team can help engineer customized machine learning algorithms for specialized medical problems. 

7. Aindra



Aindra is passionate about technology. The company aims to converge the best technologies to make healthcare more accessible and affordable. ‘Affordable healthcare solutions for all’ is the company ethos.

Aindra Systems goal is to democratize access to quality healthcare, by using deep technology to realize a global vision of accessible and affordable healthcare solutions. Aindra believes the impact of leveraging technologies like Artificial Intelligence in the right way, can deliver smarter, quicker, and more reliable systems that will help overcome the existing challenges of the healthcare system.

8. Somatix



Somatix provides a passive, continuous, and non-invasive way to monitor patients. Leveraging the company’s unique and patented wearable-enabled gesture detection algorithms, Somatix provides powerful clinical insights and predictive analytics on patient health, safety, and wellbeing through the platform, SafeBeing.

Media: Somatix Blog 

9. Hashiona 



Hashiona is the first medical app dedicated to helping patients manage their thyroid condition. Starting with a wellness questionnaire, Hashiona takes patients through a mobile-guided process that helps them find their individual path to optimal health and confidence in managing their thyroid condition.

Hashiona is also part of Omdena AI Incubator for impact-driven startups. With project: Hashimoto’s Disease

10. MedMarvel Solutions

MedMarvel Solutions

MedMarvel Solutions

MedMarvel Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a social impact medical technology start-up company developing Neuroimage Analysis and Informatics Platform – MedVirtuoso™, which empowers  Neuroclinicians in making an accurate diagnoses and informed clinical decisions during the treatment and surgical planning of patients suffering from neurological disorders like Epilepsy and others.

MedMarvel Media and Awards 

11. Overtone Health

Overtone Health

Overtone Health

Overtone Health specializes in building cutting-edge remote health management solutions to improve access to health and mental health services. What sets the company apart is our innovative approach to AI and leveraging new design techniques that put the consumer experience at the center of our offerings.

12. Andiamo



The Andiamo Treatment Platform includes a range of digital and non-digital tools for a better family and clinician experience, including the Avanti platform which uses AI and digital twin simulation to design personalized treatments.

Andiamo’s initial Treatment Range allows the clinician to use the Andiamo Tools and Avanti platform to digitally create a personalized prescription, and create an AI digital twin that simulates the prescription outcome and its designs, using automation, a safe medical device. Using additive manufacturing, they manufacture and fit a treatment called ankle-foot orthosis.

Andiamo Success Stories 

13. Med Answers 

Med Answers

Med Answers

MedAnswers is a multifunctional HealthTech startup that aims to clarify any gaps in decision-making in various healthcare silos such as fertility, menopause, migraine, and diabetes. MedAnswers are ending the spread of misinformation one healthcare specialty at a time.


14. Mendel



Mendel transforms unstructured EMR data and clinical literature into the industry’s most comprehensive and compliant analytics-ready data. Founded by a computer scientist-physician pairing,  the Mendel founders secured funding from some of the world’s best VC firms to re-imagine the future of drug development and clinical practice.

Mendel Content Hub 

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