Terms and Conditions

Eligibility to join Omdena’s Community

In order to join Omdena, you must be over the age of 18 (with a few exceptions) and you must have an Internet connection in order to apply and work on our platform. Unfortunately, we cannot approve all applications but are proud to support a thriving community of global talent.

Regardless of where you are living, you are responsible to comply with any work authorization requirements you may have. We are not able to advise you on whether you can work on Omdena except in the specific restriction cases below.

We can also verify identity in several ways
– Government ID Verification
– Government ID + Residency Verification
– Video Verification

Finally, if you have been suspended from Omdena in the past you are not allowed to work on our platform again.

Our reason is to determine ownership of an account (including the U.S. Government Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance program) and to confirm your location to qualify for location-specific jobs. In addition, we will use the US Government Sanction List.

AI Project Participation Specific Terms and Conditions

1. By entering the Project each Applicant (“Collaborator”) upon approval of their application, agrees to be bound by all of the requirements and terms for participation as set out in these conditions.

2. In order to join Omdena, you must be over the age of 18 (with a few exceptions) and you must have an Internet connection in order to apply and work on our platform. Unfortunately, we cannot approve all applications but are proud to support a thriving community of global talent.

3. Each Applicant represents, warrants and undertakes that his/her institution has authorized his/her entry into the Project, that he/she is complying with the policies and instructions of his/her institution at all times.

4. Omdena reserves the right in its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Project in whole or in part.

5. Applicants must cease use of the Project website (www.omdena.com/projects) and must not participate in the Project if to do so would be contrary to the policies of the Applicant’s employer or institution. Omdena may unilaterally exclude and delete an Applicant if the evidence is presented that the Applicant’s institution does not permit the Applicant to participate.

6. Applicants will be requested to sign a Code of Conduct if they are chosen as a project participant.

7. An Applicant is not a Collaborator unless the Applicant is chosen as one and his/her eligibility has been verified and he/she has received notification from Omdena that the verification has been successfully completed.

8. By participating in the Project, the Applicant agrees that Omdena may collect, use and disclose Applicant’s personal information for the purposes of administering the Project, otherwise as described in Omdena’s privacy policy at https://omdena.com/privacy/.

9. If there is a conflict or inconsistency between:
– a term of these terms and conditions,
– a term of the Code of Conduct,
then the term falling into the category the last appearing in the list above shall unless expressly stated otherwise, take precedence.

Data, Confidentiality, and IP Ownership

The collaborators agree that no individually identifiable data shall not be disclosed, released, revealed, showed, sold, rented, leased, loaned, or otherwise have access granted to any person out the community. Access to the data shall be limited to the minimum number of individuals necessary to achieve the purpose stated in this section and to those individuals on a need-to-know basis only.

The developer agrees to establish appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect the confidentiality of the data and to prevent unauthorized use or access to it. The collaborators will destroy all confidential information associated with actual records as soon as the purposes of the project have been accomplished and notify the providing agency to this effect in writing.

By being part of an Omdena project you agree to hand over the copyright of the code and Intellectual Property of any work done as part of the project to Omdena Inc. 

By agreeing to take part in the Omdena project a collaborator agrees to share her contact information with other collaborators and Omdena. If this is not acceptable, kindly email contact@omdena.com to opt-out. Additionally, the weekly calls will be recorded for internal purposes and if you do not want to be recorded, also let us know via emailing contact@omdena.com

When the project is complete, the requester will

  • Destroy all hard copies containing confidential data (e.g., shredding or burning);
  • Archive and store electronic data containing confidential information offline in a secure place, and delete all on line confidential data; and
  • All other data will be erased or maintained in a secured area.


Sharing of Project Results

Any project results, however, can be shared, but only after Omdena’s written permission. This applies to blog posts, articles, social media posts (which share a large amount of information from a project).

Omdena, and the project partners are not liable for any claim, loss or injury based on errors, omissions, interruptions or other inaccuracies either in this site or for any claim, loss or injury that results from your use of this site or your involvement in our projects.

Restrictions for conducting business

Federal Law restricts Omdena from conducting business with individuals and entities based in certain countries. Businesses and entities in the following countries are not permitted to utilize our platform:

– Iran
– North Korea
– Syria
– Crimea
– Cuba
– Individual nationals of Cuba
– Any other country restricted by law (this changes occasionally)

In compliance with Federal Law, Omdena does not conduct business with individuals and entities on a list called the Specially Designated Nationals (“SDN”) list. For more information on these laws (https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/faqs/Sanctions/Pages/ques_index.aspx). In addition, there may be other countries we do not currently service. Interested parties in these locations will be unable to complete account registration.


You may contact us at contact@omdena.com with any questions, complaints, or claims.