Have your technology used by a global AI community


Become a technology partner in our global projects to get exposure to your product(s), real-time user feedback, and access to case studies, while being an official partner to solve impactful problems.


Building AI with and for Everyone

Omdena is a collaborative platform where AI engineers and domain experts build innovative, ethical, and efficient solutions to real-world problems. Our platform spans across +80 countries with more than 1500 technology changemakers. 


How it works

1) Onboarding

At first, we define the scope of the partnership. Next, we publicly announce the collaboration.

2) Selecting projects 

Depending on your technology, we select suitable Omdena projects to partner up on.

3) Introducing your technology

In the project kick-off, you present your technology to the project team of up to 50 collaborators. 

4) Collecting feedback & user stories 

During the project, you can gather valuable feedback to improve your product(s).

5) Sharing project results  

At the end of the project, we jointly write blog posts and case studies to showcase our work.

Interested to learn more?

Contact our Partnership Team, if you are interested in becoming a technology partner.


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