Hire pre-vetted AI Engineers and Data Scientist


Getting access to high-performance AI talent remains a problem in many organizations and Omdena is committed to solving that problem. In just over a year, over 1100 AI engineers from 80 countries have worked on 21 projects through the Omdena platform to build trusted, ethical, and real-world AI solutions. Omdena has worked with world-renowed organizations like UNHCR, WRI, WFP, Botnar Foundation; SMEs and Startups like Sintecsys, Spacept; famous NGOs like Safecity, Voice4Impact, Zero Abuse, as well as incubator like Engie Factory, Singapore.


What is Omdena Talent?

Having more than 1100 pre-vetted AI professionals on both soft and hard skills, who have worked with the Omdena Platform, we founded a new brand – Omdena Talent. Based on the project requirements, we hand-pick a small team of best-fit, dedicated, managed, and experienced collaborators, who work with an organization using Omdena’s collaborative processes and tools to build their solutions. For clients, that means tailored expertise at highly competitive rates. 


Benefits of working with us

Omdena Talent is powered by diversity, innovation, and effective collaboration, which comes with the following benefits: 

  • We recognize that there are many ways to solve a problem, so our diverse team works with you to define the most adequate solution.

  • Our collaborators are all pre-vetted on both soft and hard skills, so we can choose to work with only the best and select those who will work well with you.

  • The collaborators give you total commitment and objective challenge because their careers depend on doing great work, rather than selling the next project how it is in conventional consulting companies.

  • We have stripped down the overheads, so you are only paying for great people delivering outstanding results.

  • We will provide all the additional services (management, expert mentoring, etc) through our wide community and collaboration with partners.



Participate in private preview

Select organizations are invited to participate in the private preview of Omdena Talent. Please register your interest here.

Outstanding in many ways! The project provided our team a deep dive into AI while building our wildfire detection solution. For Sintecsys, from now on, Omdena is the official AI partner.

Osmar Bambini

Head of Innovation, Sintecsys