Hire pre-vetted Omdena AI engineers


More than 1700 AI engineers from +85 countries have been collaborating on our platform to build innovative, ethical. and efficient real-world solutions. Among world-renowned organizations like the UN World Food Programme, the World Resources Institute, and Fondation Botnar, we work with SMEs, startups, and incubators to build real-world AI solutions. 


Collaborative AI

How it works

Based on your project requirements, we hand-pick a team of 2-5 dedicated and experienced collaborators, who work with you using our collaborative processes and tools to productize your model(s). For your organization that means tailored expertise at highly competitive rates. 

Your benefits




– Build production-ready models: Our team will build production-ready models that can integrate with your existing frontend, backend, or product.

  1. – Work with dedicated top talent: You only work with our best and most-suited collaborators 
  1. – Get total commitment: Our engineers are motivated by great career development not by selling projects
  1. – Receive additional services: Management, expert mentoring, and more through our experts & partners



Together we can tackle any challenge 

Select organizations are invited to participate in the private preview of Omdena Talent. Please register your interest here.

Outstanding in many ways! The project provided our team a deep dive into AI while building our wildfire detection solution. For Sintecsys, from now on, Omdena is the official AI partner.

Osmar Bambini

Head of Innovation, Sintecsys