Identifying Economic Incentives for Forest and Landscape Restoration

Identifying Economic Incentives for Forest and Landscape Restoration

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In this two-month project, 50 technology changemakers are applying Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify economic and financial incentives for forest and landscape restoration.

The focus is on Latin America (Mexico, Peru, Chile, Guatemala and El Salvador).


Background and motivation

We are on the verge of the United Nations Decade for Ecosystem Restoration. The Decade starts in 2021 and ushers in a global effort to drive ecosystem restoration to support climate mitigation and adaptation, water and food security, biodiversity conservation, and livelihood development. In order to prepare for the decade, we must understand the current situation regarding enabling policies. However, to understand policies involves reading and analyzing thousands of pages of documentation across multiple sectors. Using NLP to mine policy documents, would promote knowledge sharing between stakeholders and enable rapid identification of incentives, disincentives, perverse incentives, and misalignment between policies.

If a lack of incentives or disincentives were discovered, this would provide an opportunity to advocate for positive change. Creating a systematic analysis tool using NLP would enable a standardized approach to generate data that can support an evidence-based change to save the environment.

The project goals

  • Identifying which policies relate to forest and landscape restoration
  • Detecting financial and economic incentives in policies
  • Creating a heat map that determines the relevance of policies to forest and landscape restoration


The data will be provided through policy documents but might require scraping additional policies to complete the database.

This project primarily addresses two of the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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