AI Innovation Challenge: Innovate a Solution Using Computer Vision to Estimate Biomass of Fish for Sustainable Food Production
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Using Computer Vision to Estimate Biomass of Fish for Sustainable Food Production

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In this two-month Omdena Challenge, you will join a team of 50 technology changemakers to estimate the biomass of fish from camera images or videos.


The Problem

Sustainable Development Goal 14 (Goal 14 or SDG 14) is about “Life below water” that aims to conserve and use sustainably the oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development.

Blue Planet Ecosystems GmbH is tackling these goals by developing sustainable aquaculture systems, which are automated and fully modular. The goal is to decouple the production of animal protein from fishing and traditional agriculture, to release the pressure on oceans and other ecosystems that are already greatly strained. The key to this goal is to make this technology accessible to everybody. Computer vision and machine learning have the power to supplement human expertise. The well-being of our animals is monitored 24/7, 365 days per year. The data collected is used to train an AI to run a sustainable ecosystem autonomously.

With this project, we would like to estimate the biomass in our system using a camera setup. The goal here is to use stereovision to estimate the volume of a fish and thus extract its weight. Other approaches can also be explored.


The Project Goals

Build an ML algorithm that estimates the volume and weight of a fish from a video or an image, as well as a procedure to calibrate the system. 

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Why join? The uniqueness of Omdena AI Challenges

A collaborative experience you never had in your working life! For the next eight weeks, you will not only build AI solutions to make a real-world impact but also go through an entire data science project lifecycle. This covers problem scoping, data collection, and preparation, as well as modeling for deployment.

And the best part is that you will join a global and collaborative team of changemakers. Omdena AI Challenges are not a competition or hackathon but a real-world project that will take your experience of what is possible through collaboration to a new level.

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