Top Talent Project (Paid): Build a Product Creating a Social Sentiment Score for Carbon Credit Projects in Marginalized Communities
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Creating a Social Sentiment Score for Carbon Credit Projects in Marginalized Communities

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The problem

Climate change is recognized as one of the most critical challenges of our time. It poses significant risks to ecosystems, human health, and the overall stability of the planet. To combat climate change, it is essential to engage communities and businesses in transitioning to carbon neutrality. Carbon neutrality refers to balancing carbon emissions with carbon removal or offsetting through activities like investing in renewable energy projects or preserving forests.

This project recognizes the importance of empowering communities in this transition. By involving them in carbon neutrality initiatives and allowing them to offset their carbon footprint through innovative technology, the project aims to create a more inclusive and sustainable approach to addressing climate change.

By focusing on marginalized communities, the project acknowledges that these groups often face environmental and social vulnerabilities. Their perspectives and experiences must be considered to ensure equitable and effective solutions. This project seeks to collect data on their sentiments to gain insights into their views, concerns, and expectations regarding potential projects that could qualify for carbon credits.

This project aims to address the issue of understanding the sentiments of marginalized communities regarding potential projects that qualify for carbon credits. Marginalized communities often face disproportionate impacts from climate change and environmental degradation. By gauging their sentiments, the project seeks to ensure that their voices and perspectives are taken into account when implementing initiatives related to carbon credits.

The focus of the project is on countries in Latin America, particularly Spanish-speaking regions like Peru. This region is chosen as it is likely to have a significant number of marginalized communities and projects related to carbon neutrality and carbon credits.


The project goals

The objective of this project is to gauge the sentiments of marginalized communities toward potential projects that qualify for carbon credits.

Project Scope:

  • Data processing and analysis.
  • Sentiment analysis.


**More details will be shared with the designated team.


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