Accelerating Not-For-Profit Funding to Facilitate Positive Change

Accelerating Not-For-Profit Funding to Facilitate Positive Change

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The social enterprise Our Community aims to build automation and intelligence tools to more effectively find and monitor grants in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada and South
Africa. 50 technology changemakers are building solutions that facilitate positive social change for NGOs in need.  

The problem

Our Community provides information, tools, and advice to thousands of social sector organizations to support their crucial work of building stronger communities.

Traditional methods to find and monitor grants are time-consuming, expensive, and limited. The aim of this project is to help get money flowing between grantmakers (funders) and the not-for-profit sector, providing the necessary capital to enable positive social change.


The project goals

Here are some suggested questions, to be refined by the project team:

  • What is the total annual grant volume in each of the 6 countries of interest?
  • What is the funding profile for each country?
  • What information can be captured about each grant opportunity?
  • Which categories of funding are more transparent (have more data available) and which are more opaque (data not accessible)?
  • How have social and other nationally significant events (e.g. COVID-19, bushfires, Black Lives Matter, #metoo, climate emergency) impacted funding across each of the 6 countries of interest?


Ideally, the output will be a tool that automates the monitoring of grant activity and provides real-time analytics for sustained use after the project, rather than a point-in-time report. This tool might be used to:

  • Automate some processes that are currently manual
  • Provide ready access to data for Our Community to generate research reports for the public to develop a better understanding of the grants landscape and trends
  • Provide ready access to data for Our Community to understand the grants landscape as input to market research


The data

Research into the complete grants landscape in Australia has been effort-intensive and point-in-time. It is estimated that approximately $80-90 billion Australian dollars of grants are disbursed each year. The majority of this funding comes from the government, with a smaller share contributed by grants from philanthropy, corporates, and other funder types.

There may be an opportunity to mine data from sources such as social media, as grantmakers often promote their grant rounds on Twitter and other platforms, as well as on their websites. In Australia, GrantConnect provides information about federal government grants. In the UK, 360Giving promotes open grants data to encourage transparency. In the USA, Foundation Center provides funding statistics for philanthropic grants.


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