Preventing Malaria Infections Through Topography and Satellite Image Analysis

Preventing Malaria Infections Through Topography and Satellite Image Analysis

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In this two-month project, a global team of up to 50 changemakers will help reduce the cost of malaria elimination campaigns by ensuring that field workers locate and treat contaminated water bodies. Based on available online satellite images, topography, and ongoing data from the field workers, the team will develop an algorithm to find the areas in which stagnant water bodies (malaria mosquito breeding sites) are likely to exist.

The project goal

The project scope will be around the following key areas:

  • Risk map of water bodies formation based on topography and satellite imagery
  • Risk map of water bodies given the location of other water bodies 
  • Risk of scanners missing water bodies based on their route
  • Integration of the algorithm into the field workers’ mobile app


For this project, field data of water bodies location will be provided

The project falls under the UN´s Sustainable Development Goal 3, which is to  “end the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and neglected tropical diseases” by the year 2030.






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Partner feedback

After only two weeks of setting up the project team, working with such a diverse and motivated group of professionals was a truly unique experience, and it provided insights beyond our expectations. We look forward to collaborating on additional projects in the future!