AI Innovation Challenge: Innovate a Solution Digitizing Case Management and Risk Scoring for Cross-Border Child Protection
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Digitizing Case Management and Risk Scoring for Cross-Border Child Protection

Project completed!

The team has successfully constructed an AI planning model and web application that streamlines social case management, resulting in a more efficient and effective system. The project’s partner, the International Social Service (ISS), is a venerable international non-governmental organization (NGO) that has been operating since 1924, providing assistance to over 75,000 families worldwide annually.


The project results

The social service sector is gradually shifting towards data-driven practices, aiming to utilize expert knowledge to its fullest potential, alleviate staff from repetitive administrative and operational duties, and address missions with greater efficiency and a shorter timeline.

In just eight weeks, the project team of 40 Omdena tech changemakers developed a fully operational solution. The proposed solution can significantly aid in case management, leading to more effective support for families in need. Moreover, this project marks the initial step in ISS’s journey toward AI integration.

Access to expert knowledge was initially limited by ISS’s strict confidentiality agreement with clients, allowing only five anonymized cases to be shared. However, through collaborative efforts, the team gathered over 230 publicly available cases on child protection and abuse. Subsequently, the team applied a variety of Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to make the data usable.

Finally, the team developed an easy-to-use web application, featuring case types, keywords, similar cases, a risk score, and other essential information. With the aid of this AI-powered tool, caseworkers can now acquaint themselves with cases more swiftly, while also having access to the collective experiences of colleagues worldwide.

For the technical results, find a case study here.


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A snippet of the web application



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