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Shochi Shahriar

Hussain Jahanzeb

Gagan Bhatia

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  • Chatbot
  • Data Science
  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • NLP
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Web application

Artificial Intelligence as a financial planner

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12 Nov 2022

    AI in Governance : Assess the impact of policies enforced across the world and promote good governance through AI

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    01 Jan 1970

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    Shochi Shahriar

    Shahriar gained his curiosity in Machine Learning and Data Science while studying FinTech from the University of Toronto. Since then he has worked on several projects related to the application of Machine Learning and Data Science in Finance.
    He believes that the implementation of AI can ease almost everything that we do today. It’s incredibly fascinating how every company is sitting on top of huge amount of data and data is exactly what feeds the AI.

    Hussain Jahanzeb

    Welcome to the future

    Gagan Bhatia

    Gagan is an undergraduate student at UBC Vancouver majoring in ECE. He is a lead machine learning engineer at Omdena and research assistant at QCRI in the cyber security department. When not working on his own projects he is usually found playing/ watching cricket.