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The mission of Omdena’s Paris, France Chapter is to run open-source AI projects to solve challenges faced by the local community.

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Lukman Enegi

Completed projects

  • Chatbot
  • Data Analysis
  • NLP

Conversational AI Chatbot for the Elderly and Disabled using NLP

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17 Dec 2022

About Chapter Leads

Lukman Enegi

I am a doctoral research student at the University of Angers, France. I focus on machine learning applications in medical imaging especially, in neurosurgical planning. In my previous years, I enjoyed professional engagement as a software engineer, with over 5 years of experience in using the web and mobile technologies through notable research projects and company-driven products. I have more than 3 years of university lecturing experience, where I enable students to succeed by demystifying complex theoretical concepts in computer science. As a solution-focused problem solver, I collaborate excellently with a multidisciplinary team in a wide range of topics in the computer science domain for scientific research. I am passionate about medical image processing, graph representation learning, image reconstruction, reinforcement learning, predictive modeling, and scalable algorithms.