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The mission of Omdena’s Nellore, India Chapter is to run open-source AI projects to solve challenges faced by the local community.

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Venkatesh Reddy

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    [Indian Chapter] Understanding the Disconnect Between Skills and Jobs in India using NLP

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    20 Jan 2023

    About Chapter Leads

    Venkatesh Reddy

    I have 7 years of experience in Software Engineering and Development and I am a multitasker. Accordingly, I have worked on different software languages such as ASP.NET, C#, Python, Ruby, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Artificial Intelligence. Recently, I completed Post Graduate program in Artificial Learning and Machine Learning. I am a writer basically, I wrote a couple of articles, and lyrics for the office magazine. I am writing a Novel with the title "Never ever drop virtue". I play Badminton, chess and sometimes football.