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The mission of Omdena’s Lome, Togo Chapter is to run open-source AI projects to solve challenges faced by the local community.

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  • API interface
  • Deep Learning
  • EDA
  • Machine Learning
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Web application
  • Web scraping

Extreme Weather Forecasting and Its Impacts in Togo Using Machine Learning: WeatherAI

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20 Sep 2023

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Ekoue LOGOSU-TEKO is a Machine Learning Engineer and Data Analyst at Omdena, a place where he contribute to build (social) impactful projects with AI. He have 07 years of experience in Software Engineering; he made a career shift when he discovered in mid-2021 how amazing and fun AI is, and how it can help solve, or at least improve, many things in Africa. He intend to pursue a career in AI/ML and MLOps, and he is working to become one of the best Machine Learning specialists.