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Detecting and Mitigating Traffic Accidents using Machine Learning and Traffic Data

Applications close on 15 Dec 2022


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Copeland Brandon

Brandon has been an ESL instructor since 2007, however after working closely with technical colleagues and students, he became interested in AI and Machine Learning. Brandon decided to go back to school to specialize in Applied Artificial Intelligence where he studies as a scholarship student at the International University of Applied Sciences (IU). Brandon’s interests include data science, machine learning, AI democratization and American Football.

Almubiden Dania

Passionate about building useful, high-quality and beautiful products. throughout my life, I have been obsessed with findability, automation, reliability, availability, scalability and performance aspects of any application. My satisfaction and fulfillment come out when I built “Drawit”. Impacting the world with my work is my mission, I have a bias towards progress, production and value creation. I am usually motivated by working with creative and active individuals. throughout the years I have been fortunate to acquire a diverse technical and business experience starting by founding a B2B company at “Drawit” providing a new method of personality analysis based on the interpretation of the shapes of the human figure.