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Jakarta, Indonesia Local Chapter


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The mission of Omdena’s Jakarta, Indonesia Local Chapter is to run open-source AI projects to solve challenges faced by the local community.

Chapter Leads

Louis Jefferson Zhang

Muhammad Angga

Completed projects

  • Deep Learning / Computer Vision
  • EDA
  • Image processing
  • Object Detection
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Segmentation

Developing a Smart Traffic Management System for Jakarta, Indonesia

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17 Sep 2023

About Chapter Leads

Louis Jefferson Zhang

I'm a programmer with over 4 years of experience in building computer science projects. I particularly specialize in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Through Omdena Projects, I have collaborated with people in creating AI solutions to real-world problems. Personally, I have innovated a couple AI products, which I publish when participating in hackathons. Currently, my research revolves around medical imaging in Computer Vision and Large Language Model for NLP.

Muhammad Angga

I’m a professional with over 5 years of experience in Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science technology. I work on many research-based industrial local and overseas (Tokyo, Japan) projects that leverage the advances in AI technology to solve technically very difficult -yet rewarding- problems in the field of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Reinforcement Learning.Currently, I’m leading a progressive educational AI organization for our society named Indonesia AI (PT. Teknologi Artifisial Indonesia). Edutech startup aimed to provide an affordable one-stop solution for learning AI in Indonesia. It was established with the spirit of promoting AI technology among young Indonesian.