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Olalekan-Elesin Evelyn

Kudaeva Aleksandra

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Perdicting train delays

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Estimating CO2 footprint of common groceries

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21 Sep 2022

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Olalekan-Elesin Evelyn


Kudaeva Aleksandra

Alexandra is a seasoned data scientist with experience in implementing different types of ML algorithms in real-life products. Alexandra has a Master’s degree in Statistics from TU Berlin. After more than 5 years of building credit risk-related models, she is currently working on the development of outfit recommender systems. A year ago she has also started a company specializing in the development of automated interior design recommendations. She has participated in and organized several social events aimed to educate people about environmental problems. In December 2015 Alexandra and her team members were presenting their local initiatives at the Paris-based climate conference COP-21 for universities.