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The mission of Omdena’s Ankara, Turkey chapter is to run open-source AI projects to solve challenges faced by the local community.

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Deniz Can


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  • EDA
  • Machine Learning

Predicting Student Success Using Machine Learning

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17 Aug 2023

About Chapter Leads

Deniz Can


Dilan is a junior data scientist who has always been passionate about using artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve real-life problems. After completing a degree in computer science, Dilan joined a team of like-minded individuals who shared their enthusiasm for using data-driven approaches to make a positive impact in the world.As a member of this team, Dilan worked on a diverse range of projects, ranging from developing predictive models to help a local hospital manage patient flow, to building a recommendation system for an e-commerce platform. Through these projects, Dilan honed their skills in data preprocessing, feature engineering, and model selection, and gained valuable experience in applying machine learning algorithms to real-world problems.Despite being a junior member of the team, Dilan quickly established themselves as an essential contributor, bringing innovative ideas and a strong work ethic to every project. Their colleagues recognized Dilan's potential early on and provided mentorship and guidance to help them grow in their role. Dilan also learned valuable skills in project management, communication, and teamwork, which proved essential in delivering high-quality solutions on time and on budget.As Dilan's experience grew, they began to take on more responsibility, leading their own projects and mentoring junior colleagues. Dilan's dedication and enthusiasm for the field have not gone unnoticed, and they have already begun to establish a reputation as a promising young talent in the data science community.Looking to the future, Dilan is excited to continue working with their team to tackle ever more complex challenges, and to help advance the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a better world for all.