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Omdena Hiring

Hire Pre-vetted Data Science Talent for Real-World Problems | Omdena

I can say Omdena’s platform comprises of one of the world’s finest set of Data Scientists. 

Rahul Ranjan Srivastava

Tech Lead & Analytics Manager, Safe City & Unilever

A Glimpse of our Talent from 100+ Countries

Samir S.

Samir S.

Hired by Google, Software Engineer

Industry experience: 7+ years 

Completed Omdena projects: Wildfire Detection (Computer Vision), Anomaly Detection on Mars (Remote Sensing)

Ghyzlène K.

Ghyzlène K.

Open for Hiring, Data Engineer

Industry experience: 5+ years 

Completed Omdena projects: Solar Roof Detection (Computer Vision), Misinformation Detection (NLP), Domestic Violence Prevention (NLP) 


Sijuade O.

Sijuade O.

Open for Hiring, Lead Machine Learning Engineer

Industry experience: 8+ years

– One of Udacity’s first mentors & code reviewers. 

Completed Omdena projects: Weed Detection (Computer Vision), Disaster Prediction & Management (Remote Sensing), Child Violence Prevention (NLP)

Venkata R.

Venkata R.

Open for Hiring, ML Engineer

Industry experience: 7+ years 

Completed Omdena projects: Weed & Crops Classification (Edge Computer Vision, Drone) 

Emma R.

Emma R.

Open for Hiring, ML Engineer, PhD

Industry experience: 5+ years + Robotics PhD

Completed Omdena projects: Dumpsite Prediction (Remote Sensing)


Leon H.

Leon H.

Open for Hiring, Junior Data Scientist

Industry experience: 4+ years 

– First Class Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Completed Omdena projects: Predicting Road Safety (Remote Sensing, Machine Learning)

Yaroslav K.

Yaroslav K.

Open for Hiring, Senior PM & Data Scientist

Industry experience: 9+ years 

Completed Omdena projects: Road Crashes Prevention (Remote Sensing, Machine Learning)

Kritika R.

Kritika R.

Hired by Microsoft, Software Engineer

Industry experience: 2+ years 

Completed Omdena projects: Wildfire Detection (Computer Vision), Dumpsite Prediction (Remote Sensing)

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How it Works

Adapted to your needs
Step 1: Reach out to the Omdena career services team

Register your interest via the form at the end of this page and a member of the Omdena team will connect back.

Step 2: Get introduced to the best-fit talent

Based on your requirements, we source the best-fit role(s) for your company. Interview as many candidates as you want.

Step 3: Interview as many candidates as you want

Pay only if you hire your ideal candidate.

Step 4: Benefit from a 30-day support post-hiring

Need help in the transition process? Your requirements changed? We make sure you are happy with your choices.

We let you hire fast, the right fit.

Omdena Hiring

The right fit

Out of dozens of skills and backgrounds, we find the right candidate for you.

Omdena Hiring

Intrinsic motivation

Our talent has demonstrated intrinsic motivation to solve tough problems and drive impact.

Omdena Hiring

Soft Skills

Omdena engineers excel at collaboration, communication, and other key problem-solving skills.

Omdena Hiring

Hard skills

Our talent has augmented their technical skills on some of the world’s most difficult problems.

Omdena Hiring

Flexible terms

We adapt to your needs to build long-term relationships for your hiring needs.

And many more benefits

Our unique real-world screening process


Of Applicants End Up In The Talent Pool from Which You Hire

1. Each candidate completes at least one two-month Omdena project to be qualified. 

How our projects develop top data science talent:
50 engineers from around the world

50 collaborators per project, in average 20 countries represented, and more than 40 percent female engineers, result in a unique learning experience.

Covers an entire project life cycle

We go from problem scoping, to data collection & preparation, to building and deploying the AI models.

Everyone needs to demonstrate hard and soft skills

“The most gratifying & intense experience in my AI journey” says Colton Magnant, Lead Data Scientist at UPS USA, after completing an Omdena project.

2. You hire the best-fit talent directly from the talent pool.


Satisfaction by organizations who hired from us

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Companies who leveraged our talent to solve real-world problems

The Newroom (Portugal)

(Named Top 35 Early Stage European Startup)

Reboot RX (USA)

(Winner New England Innovation Award 2020)

WeedBot (Latvia)

(Deep Tech Computer Vision Startup)