Omdena Grassroots AI

Omdena Grassroots AI

Omdena Grassroots AI

Empowering Communities to Tackle Current AI Development Issues

In the ever-evolving world of AI development, addressing pressing issues is paramount. At Omdena, we recognize the importance of grassroots AI development in solving current challenges in a sustainable fashion. Our model focuses on educating, innovating, deploying, and scaling AI solutions, empowering communities to drive positive change.
Current Issues in AI Development

The Challenges We Face

While the realm of AI development is vast, we’ve identified four critical areas that demand immediate attention:

Bias and Discrimination

The pervasive issue of bias and discrimination in AI systems perpetuates societal inequalities. We tackle problems arising from biased training data, algorithmic biases, and unfair decision-making processes.

Privacy and Security

As AI’s use expands, concerns about data privacy and security grow. From the risk of data exposure to misuse, we’re committed to safeguarding individuals’ and community privacy and confidentiality.

Job Displacement and Workforce Transitions

The automation potential of AI raises concerns about job displacement. We address these concerns by focusing on workforce transitions and retraining to mitigate socio-economic disruptions.

Sustainable Solutions

Numerous AI solutions remain unutilized in practical applications. By involving local communities and crafting solutions tailored to their specific context, in collaboration with local teams, we can enhance the sustainability of these solutions.
Grassroots AI Model

Empowering Communities through Four Steps

Step 1


Education forms the foundation of grassroots AI development.

We empower community leaders to initiate change through education and community engagement.

Ideathons and Open-Source Initiatives

We organize Ideathons, uniting passionate AI enthusiasts in our community, fostering collaboration, and generating innovative ideas to address critical challenges.

Step 2


Building on education, we encourage developers to innovate by creating real-world AI models. Carefully curated challenges and projects provide opportunities to apply skills to complex problems.

Step 3


Empowering a Product Mindset

We emphasize the importance of solving meaningful problems for users. Our approach involves user feedback from the outset, ensuring effective solutions aligned with real needs.

Collaborative Projects

Explore projects with Catholic Relief Services, where AI algorithms were optimized for Water Sanitation and Health initiatives and food security programs.

A dashboard that uses NLP to track the conversation around getting children out of orphanages and into supportive homes and how COVID-19 is influencing the dialogue.
Omdena and Catholic Relief Services’s project. A dashboard that uses NLP to track the conversation around getting children out of orphanages and into supportive homes and how COVID-19 is influencing the dialogue.
The Power of Bottom-Up AI Development
Omdena Local Chapter Meetup in Kenya to discuss local challenges and potential AI applications. Omdena has local chapters in over 150 locations.
Step 4


Empowering Local Hiring

Scaling solutions is crucial. We actively seek and train local practitioners, extending the reach of AI capabilities and fostering local expertise.

Omdena Local Chapters

Learn how our local chapters, like the one in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, are making a difference by running open-source AI projects to address community challenges.

Join Us in the AI Journey

What’s Next?

Explore the world of AI with us. Enhance your skills at Omdena Academy and tackle AI challenges that address industry and community issues. By supporting Omdena’s mission for scalable AI and local hiring, you contribute to lasting change. Let’s collaborate for a meaningful future.