GESI and CSOs Media Data Harvest: Enhancing Understanding and Advocacy

GESI and CSOs Media Data Harvest: Enhancing Understanding and Advocacy

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GESI and CSOs Media Data Harvest: Enhancing Understanding and Advocacy

Status: Upcoming
Challenge Starts: December 1, 2023

Project background.

In today’s interconnected world, media plays a pivotal role in shaping public opinion and societal norms. However, there is a growing concern about the representation and portrayal of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) topics, as well as the perception of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the media landscape. Accurate and balanced representation is essential for fostering a just and equitable society. This project aims to analyze the current state of media content related to GESI and CSOs to understand and potentially influence positive change.

The problem.

The challenge lies in the vast and diverse nature of media content across platforms, which makes it difficult to gauge the portrayal of GESI and CSOs accurately. There is a need for a systematic approach to collect, organize, and analyze this content to get a clear picture of the current narrative and identify areas for improvement.

Project goals.

  • Data Collection: Efficiently scrape relevant content from social media and public newspapers.
  • Database Creation: Develop a structured database for storing and organizing the scraped content.
  • Data Analysis: Facilitate in-depth analysis of the media portrayal of GESI and CSOs.
  • Insights & Recommendations: Provide insights and recommendations for improving media representation of these crucial topics.

Project plan.


Week 1

  • Task 1: Conduct an Ideathon workshop to identify and finalize relevant keywords and phrases related to GESI and CSOs.
  • Task 2: Develop a basic framework for the web scraping tool.
  • Deliverables: List of keywords/phrases, framework design for the scraping tool.

Week 2

  • Task 1: Begin the development of the web scraping tool, focusing on social media platforms.
  • Task 2: Conduct initial tests and refine the scraping tool based on feedback.
  • Deliverables: Functional prototype of the scraping tool for social media.

Week 3

  • Task 1: Expand the scraping tool to include public newspapers.
  • Task 2: Start developing the database structure for storing and organizing the collected data.
  • Deliverables: Updated scraping tool with newspaper capability, and initial database structure.

Week 4

  • Task 1: Finalise the web scraping tool and commence full-scale data collection.
  • Task 2: Refine and finalise the database for efficient data storage and retrieval.
  • Deliverables: Completed web scraping tool, fully operational database.

Learning outcomes.

  • Understanding of the complexities in media portrayal of GESI and CSOs.
  • Skills in web scraping and data collection from diverse digital platforms.
  • Experience in creating and managing large databases for research purposes.
  • Insights into how data analysis can drive positive social change.

Additional benefits for the team

1. Cultural Immersion: By studying Salvadoran media, team members get a deeper understanding of Salvadoran society and culture.

2. Technical Skills: Enhance technical abilities in web scraping, data storage, and preliminary data analysis.

3. Networking: Collaboration on such a community-driven project often leads to connections with local stakeholders, NGOs, and other entities vested in Salvadoran development.

4. Social Impact: Contributing to a project that uplifts the narratives of marginalized groups can be a deeply fulfilling experience, enriching team members personally and professionally.

5. Research Foundation: The aggregated data can serve as a valuable foundation for future projects, publications, or academic endeavors focused on media studies in Central America.