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Data Analysis & Visualization Best-Practices for NGOs

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February 22, 2022
4:00 pm UTC
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How to Deploy Real-Time Computer Vision Models in Production

About this event

Listen in to learn about best practices on how to improve data analysis and visualization processes. Align best-practices across larger organizations.


Jason Rovig
Jason Rovig

CEO of Art For Impact

Bo Schwartz Madsen
Bo Schwartz Madsen

Data Scientist at Danish Refugee Council

 Guneet Singh Kohli
Guneet Singh Kohli

Researcher (Samsung Prism) at SRIB


2 minutes

Intro to Omdena

10 minutes

An Introduction to Data Visualization

1. Why is Data visualization important? 

2. What are the benefits?

3. Best-Practices to Data Visualization.

4. How to interpret the visualizations.

5. What tools are commonly used? 

6. Practical steps to analyze and understand the data trends and properties?

20 minutes

Case Study 1: Supporting Refugees and Displaced Persons

Bo Schwartz Madsen works as a Data Scientist at the Danish Refugee Council. DRC employs 9,000 staff and operates in around 40 countries worldwide assisting and aiding people in displacement-affected situations. Bo is a member of the Division for Knowledge, Effectiveness, and Learning at the HQ of DRC in Copenhagen. In this talk, Bo will share the best practices that guide him in supporting visualization and analyses across a variety of applications in the organization.

20 minutes

Case Study 2: Media Engagement for Humanitarian Work

Jason Rovig is CEO of Art For Impact and Tech Equalized, two companies working together to build momentum for change. Their initiative, Voices Of Venezuela, uses communications, media, and tech to deliver problem solving information and build engagement around positive behavioral change while increasing NGO and governmental capacity to deliver viable solutions to the migrant community. Jason will talk about why measurement, data analysis, and visualization are important for organizations focused on social impact.

10 minutes


Finished Events


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