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We believe in collaboration as the most effective way to learn, grow and build a thriving career. In an Omdena project you join a selected team of collaborators from diverse backgrounds. All members support each other in an open and safe environment where ideas are exchanged freely to find the best-fit solution(s) to a problem.

Collaborative AI

Over 200 collaborators got opportunity to publish articles through Omdena, receiving more than 150 000 views.

Over 350 collaborators received free access to top data science courses worth over $100,000

Over 100 collaborators got opportunities to speak through Omdena with a total of 10,000 registrations

Over 50 collaborators received more than $350,000 through paid projects.

Over 50 collaborators received recommendations that helped them to get jobs and placements in Universities

Career Services

Career services

Get paid gigs through Omdena and full-time job opportunies at leading companies.

Mentoring support

Mentoring support

Get connected to the right mentors to move your career forward.

Online education

Free access to paid courses

Worth up to $500 from partners like Dataquest and Datacamp

Free paperback or e-books

Free paperback or e-books

Have books delivered to your doorstep.

Writing and speaking opportunities

Writing and speaking opportunities

Publish on the Omdena blog and speak in front of hundreds of people in our events. 


Support to start your own venture

(Fee waived) to launch your own startup through partners like Founders Institute

*availability can be limited

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