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Develop a meaningful career

Our more than 4000 changemakers come from various backgrounds and experience levels
to build innovative AI solutions, demonstrate their skills, and move up in their careers.

What´s unique about us

We believe in collaboration as the most effective way to learn, grow, and build a thriving career. In an Omdena project, you join a selected team of collaborators from diverse backgrounds. All members support each other in an open and safe environment where ideas are exchanged freely to find the best-fit solution(s) to a problem.

Collaborative AI

Our engineers get jobs at Google, Microsoft, and more

Develop your skills, build your brand, and…

250+ Collaborators got opportunities to publish articles through Omdena, receiving a collective 150,000+ views

350+ Collaborators received free access to top data science courses worth over $100,000

100+ Collaborators got opportunities to speak through Omdena with a total of 10,000+ registrations

50+ collaborators got $350,000+ through paid projects 

50+ Collaborators received recommendations that helped them to get jobs and placements in Universities

Our 4 impact career paths for you

Depending on your interest and skill, you can follow one or more of the 4 paths.

Omdena Career Paths

Benefits of being in the Omdena community *

Career services

Get paid gigs through Omdena and full-time job opportunies at leading companies.

Mentoring support

Get connected to the right mentors to move your career forward.

Free access to paid courses

Worth up to $500 from partners like Dataquest and Datacamp

Free paperback or e-books

Have books delivered to your doorstep.

Writing and speaking opportunities

Publish on the Omdena blog and speak in front of hundreds of people in our events. 

Support to start your own venture

(Fee waived) to launch your own startup through partners like Founders Institute

*can be limited availability

Stand out in an ocean of data scientists, ML and data engineers

In an Omdena project, you will go through an entire data science project life cycle, starting with the problem scoping and ending with modeling.


This boosts your skills in various domains such as:

  • 1. Machine Learning
  • 2. Data Engineering 
  • 3. Model Deployment
  • 3. Visualization 
  • 4. Programming
  • 5. Domain expertise

Even the most technically skilled data scientist needs to have the following soft skills to thrive today. All of which you can only learn through hands-on practice.

  • 1. Collaboration
  • 2. Cultural empathy
  • 3. Creative thinking/problem solving
  • 4. Initiative
  • 5. Presentation skills

As an Omdena Collaborator, you have access to the latest tools and apply them to real data.

In addition, selected collaborators who have been completing projects successfully can accelerate their learning with complementary premium course access from our partners.

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much

  • 1. Network with like-minded people in our supportive community 
  • 2. Get mentorship by experienced collaborators
  • 3. Work with leading organizations and social enterprises
 A personal brand will help you stand out in a sea of applicants for your dream job. Here’s how we support your brand building:

  • 1. Be featured for speaking events
  • 2. Write your own blog posts and get promoted on our social media
  • 3. Join as a panelist in our webinars and invite-only demo days
For each completed project you receive a certificate that you can use for your career development.

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