Build AI Models through the Omdena AI Innovation Challenge

Build AI models by running an Omdena AI Innovation Challenge

Innovate, Build and Deploy AI Solutions

From problem, to data, to solution through the power of diverse and collaborative teams.

How to work with us. Innovate with the world´s finest impact-driven talent. 

AI Innovation Challenge
AI Innovation Challenge

Outcome: AI models

  • 50 engineers / 5000 h development time
  • Up to 20 countries per team
Top Talent
Top Talent Teams

Outcome: AI products

  • Dedicated teams of 1-5 senior engineers
  • Top 2% of Omdena talent
  • Up & downscale on-demand

Outcome:  Your next hire(s)

  • 85% of startups hire engineers from Omdena within 12 months
  • Work with talent before hiring

AI Innovation Challenge. Explore new algorithms, collect data faster, gain new insights.

AI Engineers
Experienced team
50 AI engineers
  • A diverse team of 50 machine learning engineers and data scientists
  • A project manager
  • Talent selected to match your project needs
Seamless execution
Rapid development
  • 8 weeks for AI development
  • 2 weeks for integration and deployment
  • 5000+ hours of overall development time
Outstanding outcomes
Outstanding outcomes
  • Working prototypes and/or deployable AI models
  • Opportunity to hire talented engineers after the project ends

The process. Test, Iterate and Build Faster via Bottom-up Collaboration.

1. Step

Project scoping

Submit your idea and problem to be solved. If necessary, we will help to scope your project.

2. Step

Data and infrastructure

Get your data and systems ready by an experienced Omdena team.

Duration: 4-6 weeks
3. Step
Omdena youth in ai

AI development

Your AI models developed by the team of 50 engineers and a project manager.

Duration: 8 weeks
4. Step
Omdena youth in ai

Model deployment

Back and frontend deployment by a dedicated Omdena team.

Duration: 2-4 weeks
Microsoft Azure

Instant access to 15,000+ pre-vetted engineers from over 118 countries.

Unlike in software houses, by running an Omdena Challenge you can identify and hire the best-fit engineers and data scientists for the project.

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