Current AI development is fundamentally broken


Up to 85% of AI projects fail to make it to production, creating frustration and lost revenue. But inevitably all organizations have to innovate and become AI and data science organizations to solve problems and stay relevant. 

Collaboration is key

The Omdena advantage is to get access to an environment of bottom-up collaboration characterized by safe and open dialogue, where diverse ideas are valued and shared freely to find the best solution to a problem.

Our results-driven and innovative development model has resulted in a global track-record of successful use cases with the following added benefits:

Fast and agile development

Due to the sheer power of up to 50 collaborators per project, we are able to deliver a functional AI solution in record time. In some of our projects, organizations entered with no data at all and left with a functional prototype.


Real innovation

Innovation happens by combining diversity of thought with a safe environment where information exchange happens easily and openly. Our community spans across more than 80 countries and our teams have on average 15 nationalities represented with 35 percent women.


Ethical solutions & higher user adoption

Omdena takes the development process out of the lab and into the real world by embedding diverse perspectives and open dialogue. This not only prevents biased solutions but also enables breakthroughs via fast iteration cycles and constant perspective sharing.

We build solutions,  By the People, For the people.

What our partners and customers say about us 


Word Resources Institute

We’re really excited about the results of this project. My team currently uses the code and infrastructure on almost a weekly basis. 

John Brandt

Data Scientist, World Resources Institute
AI solutions

Omdena is making a real change in building AI solutions for meaningful problems.

Kirk Borne

Worldwide #1 Top AI Influencer
AI solutions

Omdena is a revolutionary idea and by far the best thing I saw in 2019. The biggest value is the delivery of a working solution in a very precise timeframe (8 weeks).

Semih Boyaci

Co-Founder Impact Hub Istanbul

This is an amazing project. I really love the direction Omdena is setting. A real positive and visible influence in the field.

Brandon Rohrer

Global AI influencer

A great collaborative experience for mission-driven organizations and UN agencies with limited resources and AI expertise. The biggest value we have experienced is the great diversity of backgrounds and ideas.

Rebeca Moreno Jiménez

UNHCR Innovation

Omdena’s community accomplished in 8 weeks what we tried for two years while working with large corporations. I can say Omdena is one of the world’s finest set of Data Scientists working for Social Good.

Rahul Ranjan Srivastava

Tech Lead, Safecity

The collaborative approach of Omdena is taking innovation to a whole new level. We are proud to have worked together on addressing zero hunger in our “crop’s identification challenge”. We believe this is the start of a long journey together.

Saurav Suman

UN World Food Program Nepal

Outstanding in many ways! The challenge provided Sintecsys’s Team an intense and accurate deep dive into AI with amazing results. For Sintecsys, from now on, Omdena is the official AI partner. 

Osmar Rossetto Bambini Fº

Head of Innovation, Sintecsys


Omdena Collaborators come from various backgrounds

Prasanna Muralidharan

Prasanna Muralidharan

Data Scientist at Microsoft

Colton Magnant, Ph.D.

Colton Magnant, Ph.D.

Lead Data Scientist at UPS

Anel Nurkayeva

Google Analyst

Operations Analyst at Google

Reem Mahmoud


Ph.D. Student Machine Learning, AI Education Lead at Zaka

Samson Afolabi

Data Science BASF

Data Scientist at BASF

Aya Salama

University of Cambridge

CS Masters Cambridge, Senior ML engineer at Aigorithm LLC

Elke Klaassen

Elke Klaasen

Data Scientist at Enexis Groep

Xavier Torres Fatsini

Xavier Torres Fatsini

Professor Data Analysis at ESADE

Julia Wabant

Julia Wabant

Data Scientist at Lextenso

Natu Lauchande

Natu Lauchande

Principal Engineer at JUMO.WORLD

Yang Gao

Data Science University of Pennsylvania

Data Science Manager UPenn

Rosana de Oliveira Gomes

Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies

Postdoc Physics, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies

Alessio Bilato

Analyst Deloitte

Analyst at Deloitte

How it works


Once an organization has submitted a use case or idea, we design the AI project and put together a high-performing team of up to 50 engineers and domain experts.

Read more about how to submit a use case here.


The team splits in different task groups to refine the problem statement, collect the data, and test various approaches simultaneously.


During the project, an organization can check and contribute to the project progress in real-time through our online environment.


At the end of the project, an organization receives the best-fit solution(s).

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