Welthungerhilfe x Omdena Munich - Innolab2023: Addressing Hunger and Malnutrition through AI Solutions

Local Chapter Münich, Germany Chapter

Coordinated byGermany ,

Status: Ongoing

Project background.

With the aim of achieving our objective “One Planet – Zero Hunger,” Omdena Munich is partnering with Welthungerhilfe in the context of innolab2023. The global rise in hunger, coupled with environmental degradation, climate change, social inequalities, and conflicts, underscores the urgent need for action. This collaboration with Welthungerhilfe aims to harness innovative thinking and creative solutions to address these pressing challenges and drive positive change.

The problem.

In the context of innolab 2023, our focus is directed toward addressing the challenges faced by a specific team grappling with a multifaceted issue encompassing drought, limited water accessibility, and food insecurity. This collaborative endeavor aims to leverage innovative solutions to alleviate the adverse impacts of these interconnected challenges and pave the way for sustainable outcomes within this team’s environment. Through the application of cutting-edge technologies and collective expertise, we endeavor to contribute to a more resilient future, where the vulnerabilities of drought, water scarcity, and food insecurity are mitigated effectively.

Project goals.

- Develop Innovative Solutions: Harness cutting-edge technologies, including AI, to conceptualize and create innovative solutions that directly address the challenges of hunger and malnutrition. - Empower Affected Communities: Create solutions that empower local communities to overcome hunger-related obstacles and enhance their resilience through sustainable interventions. - Mitigate Environmental Impact: Develop approaches that consider the environmental impact of agricultural and food systems, contributing to sustainable land use and resource management. - Promote Data-Driven Decisions: Utilize data analytics and insights to drive informed decision-making, optimizing the allocation of resources for maximum impact. - Scale Impact: Design solutions that can be scaled across various regions and contexts, increasing the reach and impact of hunger eradication efforts. - Raise Awareness and Advocacy: Leverage the outcomes of the Innovation Lab to raise awareness about the urgency of addressing hunger and advocate for policy changes on local and global levels.

Project plan.

  • Week 1

    Brainstorming, Design Thinking & Conception Phase.

  • Week 2

    Agile Solution Development

  • Week 3

    Agile Solution Development

  • Week 4

    Agile Solution Development

  • Week 5

    Agile Solution Development

  • Week 6

    Agile Solution Development

  • Week 7

    Agile Solution Development

  • Week 8

    Agile Solution Development

  • Week 9

    Workshops, Demos Preparation, Pitch Preparation & Live Shark Tank Event.

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