SmartGuide: Empowering Canada's Immigration Applicants with Accurate AI Chatbot Assistance

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Status: Ongoing

Project background.

Every year, millions of people across the world apply to come to Canada as an immigrant. Very few make it to the final list. Some fail due to genuine eligibility criteria while others fall prey to misinformation and scams. This happens mainly because people do not know how to go about using the CIC immigration website by the govt of Canada. A lot of pseudo-agents give false hopes to desperate people and scam them of money.

The problem.

This challenge will help solve the ambiguity related to the entire immigration process. Be it related to the documents needed, the funds required, any change in the status of an applicant, etc. The incumbent will no longer need to rely only on the agent’s information but can rather use this chatbot and get their queries resolved.

Project goals.

The project goals are:- To provide accurate and consistent information - Reduce errors and misinformation - Foster transparency  - Enhance user experience

Project plan.

  • Week 1

    – Thorough analysis of the CIC website and other immigration resources
    – Research existing AI chatbot frameworks
    – Definition of scope objectives, success criteria

  • Week 2

    – Set up dev env and tools
    – Design conversational flow of chatbot and UI

  • Week 3

    – Implementing basic functionality e.g. user query handling and response generation.
    – Gather initial data and resources for the chatbot’s knowledge base.

  • Week 4

    – Enhance the chatbot’s capabilities
    – Implement features to address common immigration-related queries
    – Start testing

  • Week 5

    Refine the chatbot, implement features to address common immigration-related queries, and conduct thorough testing to ensure accuracy, reliability, and usability.

  • Week 6

    Optimize the chatbot’s user experience, identify deployment capabilities and documentation. Final review.

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