Skin Cancer Detection Using Deep Learning - (Only for Students of Alexandria University)

Status: Completed

Project Duration: 19 Feb 2022 - 19 Mar 2022

Open Source resources available from this project

Project background.

According to the partnership agreement that took place between Omdena, Alexandria, Egypt chapter and Google Developers’ Club of Alexandria University, we would like to launch this project to introduce the community of the university to Omdena challenges.

The problem.

In this 4-weeks project, the goal is to educate the students of Alexandria university to build and deploy deep learning projects through an Omdena challenge. The team is supposed to use deep learning for skin cancer detection. They will start the process from a scratch as most of them are novice to this field. Thus, they will be guided through the whole process by the chapter lead.

Project goals.

To help college students build and deploy deep learning models. They will start the process by data collection, annotation, modeling, and deployment.

Project outcome:

- 1. Hands-on experience
- 2. Building a deep learning model for skin cancer detection
- 3. Deployment

Project plan.

  • Week 1

    – Data collection
    – Annotation

  • Week 2

    – Modeling

  • Week 3

    – Data Collection
    – Modelling
    – Deployment

  • Week 4

    – Deployment
    – Project presentation

Learning outcomes.

1. Data Pre-processing

2. Deep learning with Python

3. Supervised learning models and Unsupervised learning models

4. Deployment

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