Pakistan COVID-19 Analysis

Status: Completed

Project Duration: 20 Oct 2021

Open Source resources available from this project

Project goals.

Economic Impact of Covid19 in Pakistan1. Collect covid related data from the various up to date sources2. Data Pre-processing and Exploratory Analysis3. An interactive Plot /Map displaying current covid analytics of each state.4. Forecast the relation between covid vs economic change in past time and estimate the effect of covid in the future through Time-series analysis.Shortage and wastage of Covid19 vaccines1. Gather and pre-process the available public open-source data on the latest statistics on Covid19 vaccines.2. NLP-based Tracker to track the vaccinated population.3. Interactive Dashboard showing the stepwise-wise statistics of active cases, death cases are given the time range, age-group specific distribution.4. Correlation matrix between total people vaccinated vs total vaccine produced.5. Correlation matrix between coronavirus (Covid-19), mortality and morbidity rate, burden over radiologists.6. A Knowledge Graph-based solution to visualize the state-wide shortage and availability of COVID19 vaccine.Early prediction of Covid19 Through Computer Vision1. Predict the likelihood of covid positivity from chest CT Scan images and respiratory patterns. From demographic and clinical data (the patient’s age and sex, exposure history, symptoms, and laboratory tests) were put into a machine-learning model to classify COVID-19 positivity.2. Using model predictions to track patient recovery from Multiple CT scans taken during treatment can be used to analyze whether the patient is recovering or worsening.3. A web application to visualize the severity of covid from chest X-ray images.

Project plan.

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