Developing an Interactive Chatbot for the Omdena Website

Local Chapter Lagos, Nigeria Chapter

Coordinated byNigeria ,

Status: Completed

Project Duration: 10 Jul 2023 - 15 Sep 2023

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Project background.

There has been a notable rise in the volume of information circulating on Omdena’s official website. Introducing an interactive chatbot presents an ideal opportunity to communicate information effectively to both new and existing users.

The problem.

The challenge aims to address the problem of effectively managing and disseminating the increasing volume of information on Omdena’s official website while making a positive impact on the local community.

As the volume of information circulating on the website continues to grow, it becomes increasingly challenging for users, both new and existing, to access and find the relevant information they need. This creates a barrier to communicating important updates, announcements, and resources effectively to the community.

By introducing an interactive chatbot, we can overcome this challenge and enhance the information dissemination process. The chatbot will serve as a virtual assistant capable of providing instant and personalized responses to user queries. It will help users navigate the website, locate specific information, and address their concerns in a timely manner.

This solution will significantly impact the local community by improving the user experience and facilitating efficient access to information. Users will be able to quickly find the information they are seeking, resulting in enhanced engagement, increased participation, and a stronger connection with the Omdena platform. Moreover, the interactive chatbot will provide a more personalized and user-friendly experience, ensuring users receive relevant information tailored to their needs and interests.

By effectively communicating information through the chatbot, Omdena can foster a more informed and engaged community, facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing among members. This, in turn, will promote the growth of the local community, encourage active participation, and contribute to the overall success and impact of Omdena’s initiatives.

Project goals.

- Develop and implement an interactive chatbot on Omdena's official website within a specified timeline. - Train the chatbot to effectively respond to user queries and provide accurate and relevant information. - Improve user engagement and satisfaction by enhancing the website's information dissemination process through the chatbot. - Increase user accessibility to the website's essential updates, announcements, and resources. - Personalize the chatbot's responses to cater to individual users' specific needs and interests. - Measure and analyze the impact of the chatbot on user engagement, website traffic, and overall user satisfaction. - Continuously optimize and refine the chatbot based on user feedback and evolving user needs. - The chatbot facilitates user knowledge sharing and engagement by fostering a sense of community and collaboration. - Enhance the overall user experience on Omdena's website by providing a seamless and efficient information retrieval system through the chatbot. - Establish the chatbot as a valuable tool for both new and existing users, contributing to the growth and success of Omdena's initiatives.

Project plan.

  • Week 1

    Data Collection

  • Week 2

    Data Preprocessing

  • Week 3

    Feature Engineering

  • Week 4

    Data Visualization

  • Week 5

    Chatbot Development

  • Week 6

    Creating Chatbot API

  • Week 7

    Preview and Test Chatbot

  • Week 8

    Chatbot Deployment

Learning outcomes.

Data Analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning, and web development, Communication and Presentation Skills, Domain Knowledge.

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