Deforestation Monitoring of Smallholder Cocoa Farms with Google Earth Engine

Local Chapter Kumasi, Ghana Chapter

Coordinated byGhana ,

Status: Upcoming

Project Duration: 01 Oct 2023 - 30 Nov 2023

Project background.

Tropical forests play a crucial role in tackling climate change, protecting biodiversity, and ensuring ecosystem services hence helping in the achievement of agricultural sustainability. There is therefore the need to perform a deforestation risk assessment of all smallholder cocoa farms with regard to international certification standards in order to help these farmers get support in terms of premiums to increase their income.

The problem.

Deforestation and land degradation has been on the ascendency for the past 10 years which is affecting cocoa productivity, a major economic cash crop in Ghana and also the environment as a whole due to activities of artisanal small scale miners and also expansion of farm lands by farmers.

Project goals.

- Determine land areas inside smallholder farmers affected by deforestation since 2014 percentage of farmlands affected by deforestation. - Suggest the number of shade trees to be planted for restoration efforts. - Determine the amount of carbon emissions caused by the deforestation. 

Project plan.

  • Week 1

    Project preparation and brainstorming

  • Week 2

    Data collection and Editing of small holder farmers polygons

  • Week 3

    Introduction to google earth engine

  • Week 4

    Actual project code implementation

  • Week 5

    Analysis of project outcomes

  • Week 6

    Creation of Dashboards

  • Week 7

    Final presentation of results

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