Analyzing Open Data About Los Angeles Metropolitan Area

Status: Completed

Project Duration: 28 Jan 2023 - 25 Mar 2023

Open Source resources available from this project

Project background.

Los Angeles has a very active community of data scientists and students eager to learn data science. This community would naturally hold the most interest in analyzing datasets about Los Angeles both for research and for open-source projects. We want to discover as much as possible datasets directly about or related to Los Angeles or to its population.

The problem.

Collect, organize, and analyze different datasets directly about or related to Los Angeles.

The results should serve as a starting point for anyone searching for datasets about Los Angeles. Providing dataset sources, visualizations, and reports that potentially use multiple datasets to tell a story with data. The results should also create a new dataset for Los Angeles and encourage the creation of more datasets by the community.

Project goals.

- Create a comprehensive index of open datasets about Los Angeles. - Integrate, analyze, and visualize diverse open datasets about Los Angeles. - Create a new dataset related to Los Angeles. - Host results on a website.

Project plan.

  • Week 1

    -Determine key websites that list datasets about Los Angeles.
    -Decide how to organize datasets, visualizations, and reports.
    -Decide on a new dataset to create.

  • Week 2

    -Start creating an index of datasets and websites that host them.
    -Start creating visualizations and reports using the datasets in the index.
    -Start scraping data for the new dataset.

  • Week 3

    -Continue improving the index and creating visualizations. -Start looking into ways to host the results. -Organize new dataset and label it if necessary.

  • Week 4

    -Finalize index and make sure it’s well-organized. -Host visualizations and reports on a website. -Finalize new dataset, host it, and test it.

Learning outcomes.

Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Data Cleaning

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