AI System for Habit Building and Creating Personalized Learning Nudges to Improve Soft Skills

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Project background.

We live in the knowledge economy and skills are your card. Some estimates state that 50% of the jobs will be affected due to automation by 2030. Non-routine cognitive skills, often described as “soft skills”, have been increasing in importance since the first industrial revolution. Soft skills have the potential to provide the only long-term competitive advantage in the job market of the future, and open up equal opportunities to culturally-diverse remote employees. At the same time, soft skills are the hardest to learn due to their abstract nature and context-dependency. The traditional coaching platforms are unscalable by design. Online learning marketplaces and MOOCs provide content that does not stick. Self-improvement apps add up to daily distractions and fail to maintain engagement.

Calibri is a tech-enabled skill development tool for companies, aimed to help engineers get skills, like self-confidence, self-awareness, empathy, communication, influencing, taking ownership, with the use of technology. Calibri is looking for help developing one of its core modules focused on building habits through learning nudges. People learn best in practice. Therefore, there is a need for a smart system that could contextualize small content bits and deliver them in the right moments through the right channel. Employees nowadays are bombarded with hundreds of notifications and the challenge is to win their attention. Everyone has a different personality, learning style and work structure – and thus, needs to be promoted in a personalized way to result in the desired outcome. Remote work rise and novel decentralized data protection techniques provide us with the abundance of behavior data points that can be leveraged.

Project plan.

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