How I got a Software Engineering Job at Microsoft, a Dream Come True.

Oct 19, 2022
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How I got a Software Engineering Job at Microsoft, a Dream Come True.

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Miguel Correa from Colombia completed several Omdena Challenges, upon which he became an Omdena Top Talent to work on paid gigs with companies. 

He shares how he took a risk in life and how with the help of Omdena, he recently made a dream come true and got hired at Microsoft.

What is your background?

I have associate degree studies in software development. While I was working on my bachelor’s degree, I started working as a full-time employee, mostly in data-related roles, but continually I changed to engineering. Now I have 3 years of experience. I also won Microsoft Colombia Hackathon back in 2021. 

Miguel with his family

Miguel with his family

When and how did you enter Omdena? What was the reason?

Back in 2020, I heard about it from a friend that was already participating in Omdena’s challenges, and I wanted to give it a try.

Some of the projects Miguel took part in:

Build your portfolio with real-world projects from Omdena

What technical solution have you recently built in a project?

I built Machine Learning Monitoring System for my current company, iFood.

Miguel at iFood, Brazil.

Miguel at iFood, Brazil

What was the biggest obstacle you have overcome recently?

Making decisions to improve my life was the biggest challenge. In general, taking decisions isn’t easy; it’s more complicated when they include risks. I dropped out of my bachelor’s to pursue new opportunities.

Miguel traveled around Canada last month [08.2022]

Miguel traveled around Canada last month [08.2022]

“Don’t lose your hope, keep working, and what you dream will happen.”

How did the Omdena experience help you in your career till now?

Doing challenges at Omdena taught me how to work for a team and be more autonomous. These are skills that later were useful both in my university and my work. When I became a chapter lead, I was able to have experience being a product owner and being able to put into practice my leadership skills.

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