Dataquest and Omdena Partnering to Build the Future of Personalized Data Science Education

Dec 14, 2021
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Dataquest & Omdena Partnering to Build the Future of Data Science Education

How can we personalize data science education to learn more effectively and profoundly by combining theory and practice? How can we save time, learn from real world problems and focus on the latest Data Science trends? The Omdena-Dataquest partnership marks a new era of personalized teaching models accessible globally around the clock.

As a first step, Dataquest will provide 500+ scholarships for one year Dataquest Premium access. The scholarships will be handed out to Omdena Data Scientists and Machine Learning engineers who successfully completed at least one of our AI Challenges

Personalized Data Science Education

Most importantly, we will jointly build a personalized learning path for Omdena collaborators. One of Omdena´s mission points is to help our collaborators build real-world careers in Data Science. Therefore, a personalized and skills-driven learning path will involve the following:

  • Recommending suitable courses
  • Building proficiency in data science through exploring real-world data
  • Prioritizing in-demand data skills
  • Monitoring skills progress and suggesting improvements

We are both looking forward to the partnership to make education what it is meant to be: rooted in the real world and accessible. “We’re excited to work with Omdena to train the next generation of AI engineers. Through this partnership, we hope to make the AI field more open, diverse, and equitable”, said Vik Paruchuri, Dataquest President and Founder.”

About Dataquest

Dataquest was founded in 2015 to help learners build real-world skills and advance their careers in data. Dataquest is the #1-rated, entirely online, self-paced data science learning platform. Learners learn concepts, write code, and build real-world projects in their browser.  Dataquest’s learning paths are expertly designed to help learners reach their data career goals efficiently, regardless of their experience level.  Dataquest has helped tens of thousands of learners start or advance their careers at companies like Amazon, SpaceX, and Tesla.


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