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About us - Omdena



AI by the people, for the people


We’re on a mission to provide the global community of AI engineers with a platform to gather and collaboratively build solutions to real-world problems.

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The mission.

Since its founding in May 2019, the platform has grown to more than 20000 collaborators in over 120 countries, established over 195 impact hubs in over 80 countries, and doesn’t stop growing.
During this period, Omdena has worked with 220+ organizations on over 650 projects. Detecting wildfires in Brazil, fighting malaria outbreaks in Africa, and improving solar adoption in Singapore are just a tiny part of them.
We empower the strength of the worldwide AI community and we work to bring all the talents together to develop and deploy solutions to real problems.
Omdena Core Values

And we keep growing.

We help organizations and individuals come up with solutions to problems. Our community of talented AI engineers from all over the world works with both small and big organizations to find the answers by embracing learning and networking.

More than 220 organizations from over 75 countries have already trusted Omdena to build their AI models.


The history.

The history
In late 2018, after more than 10 years in AI and entrepreneurship, Omdena Founder Rudradeb Mitra had the opportunity to work with a cleantech startup in his home country India. The mission was to build an AI-powered solution that could identify houses that are most suitable for solar panels.
Within a couple of weeks 50 AI engineers, from remote areas in India, came together in an online environment to build a solution to a problem they deeply cared about: clean energy. Collaboration among the diverse group of motivated people proved to be very powerful.
Inspired by the project’s success, Rudradeb founded Omdena on May 22nd, 2019. Michael Burkhardt joined as a Founding Member and Chief Marketing Officer to help bring Collaborative AI to many more organizations and communities around the world.
Since then, the Omdena platform has grown to more than 20,000 collaborators in over 120 countries and established over 195 local chapters. Each month brings new solutions to yet another troubling challenge and the team behind Omdena constantly tries to support the community that shapes Omdena.

The vision 2030 of Omdena.

To become the biggest impact platform in the world.

“The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds.”
Dalai Lama.

Omdena is a community-first organization that is making this world a better place for everyone and giving opportunities to individuals, communities, and impact organizations to grow and make a positive impact in the world. 

By 2030, we want:

• 1 million people upskilled with 200,000 got jobs through Omdena 

• Additional 1 billion people were positively impacted through executed projects 

The spirit.

To support Omdena’s passion for collaboration, 3 main components help the community grow.


8 week challenges where AI engineers come up with a solution to real-world problems
Local Chapters

Local Chapters

Places where knowledge becomes reality while working on project with case studies close to your local communities worldwide
Omdena School

Omdena Academy

That’s where the less experienced can gain knowledge and develop their skills in order to take part in challenges solving real-world problems
Top Talent

Top Talent

Top performers in Omdena are chosen for Omdena’s Top Talent Program where they can develop their career, get job opportunities and make impact