What is Omdena?

Omdena is a collaborative platform and social enterprise where a global community of changemakers builds innovative and ethical AI solutions to real-world problems. Our platform enables end-to-end AI development where organizations submit a problem, which is then addressed by up to 60 AI experts, data scientists, and domain experts.

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Omdena Inc.

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Since our founding in May 2019, our platform and community have grown from zero to more than 1,800 collaborators from 100 countries. Through the power of collaborative and diverse teams of up to 60 technology changemakers, we’ve completed +60 projects, ranging from detecting wildfires, to fighting sexual harassment, predicting climate change, and preventing gang and gun violence. 

Considering the low representation of Women in Technology, we are delighted that more than 40 percent of our Lead AI engineers are women. We are determined to create an environment where people from around the world can thrive. 

How Omdena was born


In late 2018, after more than 10 years in AI and entrepreneurship, Omdena Founder Rudradeb Mitra had the opportunity to work with a cleantech startup in his home country India. The mission was to build an AI-powered solution that can identify houses that are most suitable for solar panels. 

Within a couple of weeks 50 AI engineers, partly from remote areas in India, came together in an online environment to build a solution to a problem they deeply cared about: clean energy. 


India AI Community

Members of the community

Using AI to identify shadow-free rooftop space


Collaboration among the diverse group of motivated people proved to be very powerful. Inspired by the success of the project, Rudradeb founded Omdena on May 22nd 2019 to bring Collaborative AI to many more organizations and communities around the world. 

The Team



Rudradeb Omdena

Rudradeb Mitra


Rudradeb is a serial entrepreneur with more than 10 years experience in AI.

He is a mentor at several institutions such as Google Developers, ImpactHub, EFMA, and spoke at more than 90 events about AI, entrepreneurship, and product development.

Rudradeb believes in a minimalist way of living and talking less but doing more.


Michael Burkhardt Omdena

Michael Burkhardt

Founding Member, Head of Business Development

Michael has been working in several countries from the west to the east in roles of Business Development, Marketing, Innovation Management, and Public Affairs.

He is into meditation and exploration through new environments.

Laura Clark Murray

Founding Member, Chief Operations Manager

Laura´s experience spans more than two decades in artificial intelligence, product development, and business management across diverse industries with Apple, Electronic Arts, and numerous startups and non-profits.

Lucie Schnitzer

Head of Community & Operations

Lucie has a background in technology consulting ranging from Big Data Analytics to Pharma-Tech mainly in North & South America, having most recently gotten more involved in the impact space.

She is a strong advocate for diversity and believes it is one of the driving factors of success throughout all areas of life.

Rehab Emam

Head of Content & Knowledge Management


Has a background in Electronics and Communications Engineering. 17+ years experience in Business Management. 3 years experience in Content Production and Social Media Marketing.  Featured as Top Freelancer in Egypt.

When not at her laptop, she is either sketching or learning new languages. 


Harini Suresh

VP of Projects

Harini is a strong believer in collaboration and that it can bring great success in building a product. She has been a mentor, speaker with a focus on AI’s impact on global problems pertaining to social, environmental and gender-based impact. If not work, she is more at reading books and writing poems.

Kaushal Bhavsar

VP of Platform Engineering

Kaushal has been working in startups across the globe to provide AI solutions for social and environment impact. Kaushal believes that AI has the potential to solve global issues with great efficiency. With over 3 years of experience in AI modeling, Kaushal aims to bring positive impact to lives of every individual through scaling Omdena challenges and brining the best quality of outcomes through partnerships.


Erum Afzal

Knowledge Manager

Erum is a Data Sciences and Machine Learning enthusiastic Speaker, Mentor, and Lead ML Engineer. She has done a MS in Information Technology from NUST, Islamabad, Pakistan and is currently working at the same university as a Media Expert where she is guiding Post Graduate students in their research in the field of educational technologies as a subject expert. She landed in the data science  field after joining the project “Anomaly Detection from the Surface of MARS with Deep Learning” at Omdena in May 2020. 

She loves teachings: as transferring knowledge helps me to build it first.


Podcast: Building AI through collaboration



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