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 Submit your AI Project Ideas and Build Solutions With the Global Youth Community & Omdena

Submission Deadline: XY

Why Omdena Youth?

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

We think that the power of the youth lies in challenging the status quo and creating a world we all want to live in.

We launch Omdena Youth to inspire the youth to take action in shaping a new tomorrow by applying AI from a human perspective.

How it works




Phase 1: Submit your project ideas 

Have an AI project idea on your mind? Does your idea involve a social/ environmental problem? Submit your idea at the end of this page.

We will select 150 Youth Changemakers (14 to 24 years) and Two Project Ideas.


Submission Deadline: XY  


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ai bootcamp

Phase 2: Join our bootcamp

(Start: June, 4 weeks)

As one of 150 selected Omdena Youth Changemakers you will have the opportunity to join weekend classes and coding days to learn the basics of AI, machine learning, and product development. 

Phase 3: Build the solution

(Start: July, 4 weeks)

As one of 100 selected Omdena Youth Changemakers (after successful completion of the bootcamp) you split into two groups of 50 team members to collaboratively build the solutions for two selected AI project ideas. 

Hire data scientists

Joining Omdena instills a sense of belonging that is not found in usual companies. You work and make friends with people from literally around the world and despite my little experience, everyone is eager to help you out to achieve your best. 

Aboli Marathe

Student, Junior Machine Learning Engineer, India

What you will learn

How we will help to build your AI solutions 

You are not alone.

We will support you via our platform of 1,700+ collaborators across 88 countries


Diversity of roles in a traditional Omdena project

Check these inspiring Omdena Youth Stories

Our program partners


Labelbox has been collaborating with Omdena on +10 projects with more than 400 AI engineers leveraging their leading labeling platform for impactful use cases.

Labelbox recently raised $25M in Series B funding.


Y Combinator-backed startup Activeloop partners with Omdena to access our global community of technology changemakers. Activeloop is developing a fast and simple framework for building and scaling data pipelines for machine learning.

AI Incubator

Omdena and Spell have been collaborating on various projects, e.g. combatting sexual harassment or analyzing the effects of COVID 19 lockdowns on vulnerable populations. Spell provides a powerful MLOps platform.


We are delighted to collaborate with Techcelerator.Ro, a partner of Google for Startups, to help with their vision of enabling leading innovative startups to reshape the world of tomorrow.


Apify extracts data from websites, crawls lists of URLs, and automates workflows on the web. Turn any website into an API in a few minutes!

AI incubator

Calibri is like Duolingo for soft skills. Calibri helps businesses assess and reinforce their employees’ soft skills with bite-sized tasks, building strong, durable habits.


Omdena supports Factory, a program developed by Teyit, by incubating startups in need of AI capabilities. 

Previous Omdena projects

AI wildfires

Deep learning for tree identification

AI startup Spacept worked with 36 Omdena collaborators to build a deep learning model for tree identification. The model helps to prevent power outages and forest fires sparked by falling trees that are too close to power stations.

Credit scoring machine learning

Ethical credit scoring

The mission of Creedix is to build the World´s #1 Ethical Credit Scoring Solution.

The team combined and prepared three datasets, applied feature engineering, and prepared machine learning pipelines both for supervised and unsupervised learning to identify the best-fit approach.

AI Wildfires
Detecting wildfires in real-time

Brazilian startup Sintecsys worked with a diverse Omdena team to build a model, which accurately identifies smoke and flames in more than 95% of the cases, dramatically reducing false positives and the time until firefighters are called onto the scene.

Who´s eligible?

Age, skills? 

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Times Square

Omdena´s collaborative work and Coronavirus AI Challenge highlighted by NASDAQ, NYC (May 2020)