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Challenge solved! Identifying trees on satellite images

36 AI engineers and enthusiasts built a deep learning model with more than 95 percent accuracy for identifying trees close to power stations to prevent power outages and fires sparked.

Technical articles and results

How-to build a high-impact Deep Learning model

Using AI for Good and Not for Evil — Generating Images with Just Noise

Unique Learnings from the Omdena Challenge: Identifying Trees from Satellite Images to Prevent Fires

How To Build An Elevation Map For Forest Cover.

Our Partners

Spacept is a Swedish AI startup, which fuses satellite images with AI to prevent power outages and fires sparked by falling trees and storms. Their solution saves lives and reduces CO2 emissions while also radically reducing time and cost for infrastructure inspection.

Ciencia y Datos was founded by Favio Vasquez and brings data science into the Spanish speaking world with articles, webinars, and online courses.