Task Manager Role

Task Manager Role | Omdena

Guidelines for Task Managers to be followed during Omdena projects


The benefits for you as a task manager

If you really enjoy working with others and learning from other people, you may want to be a task manager. As mentioned by one of the past task managers, “Being in charge of this task pushed me to stay motivated and not to be afraid to test various different methods to the same problem”. Another collaborator said that her experience as a task manager in Omdena project was highly appreciated by her job interviewer and helped her land the job. 


Your responsibilities

Being a task manager does not mean having all the answers

As a task manager, you are expected to show gradual progress every week, but there wasn’t an expectation of having answers immediately, what was expected was iterative progress towards a final solution.

What are your tasks?

  • It is recommended that once you become a task manager, you conduct task calls on a weekly basis to ensure that there is constant information flow within the purview of the task participants and also non-participants. 
    • The schedule of the weekly calls for each week must be posted on the ‘#meetings’ channel so that all contributors across the challenge are aware of the timings and can partake in any of the task-calls for the purpose of posing questions, comments or even pursuing self-education. 
    • Further, on the google drive, a google document will be created for each week (Week 1 through 8) within a folder titled ‘Summary and updates’. Herein, the task managers must ensure that they post summaries, progress, insights, current and future work projections on one document so that anyone can get an overall view of progress, milestones and hindrances experiences at any point in time during the course of the challenge. Collaborators must feel free to add comments and questions to the document. This might help increase information flow and accountability to the tasks themselves, and also informal nudges to push limits to achieve more during the week.
  • It is recommended that all useful resources are shared with the community on Slack. The community is encouraged to figure out organized ways to increase learning and optimize the collective knowledge of the group. Everyone has fortes and areas of expertise, and collaborators may pluck the fruits they want from the knowledge tree which is the community.
  • It is recommended to give a presentation, ideally including slides as it helps the other people to grasp the concepts easier…