Unsupervised Learning for Land Cover Classification in Satellite Imagery
February 22nd, 2021

K-Means, Principal Component Analysis, Autoencoders, and Transfer Learning applied for land cover classification in a challenging data scenario. By Clive Fernandes, Debaleena Misra, Marvin Oluoch, Abhilasha Sinha Location: Kenya, Africa.   The problem background &n

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AI For Financial Inclusion: Credit Scoring for Banking the Unbankable
July 26th, 2020

Steps towards building an ethical credit scoring AI system for individuals without a previous bank account.     The background With traditional credit scoring system, it is essential to have a bank account and have regular transactions, but there are a few gro

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Using Unsupervised Learning on Satellite Images to Identify Climate Anomalies
April 30th, 2020

  This work is a part of Omdena’s AI project with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The objective was to predict forced displacements and violent conflicts as a result of climate change and natural disasters in Somalia. By Animesh Seemendra Using uns

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