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Computer Vision And Satellite Image Analysis for Real-World Problems 

AI and data science solutions with Computer Vision 


Solutions for sustainable impACT

Every day, millions of images are captured. Computer vision algorithms enable a lot of applications, for example, regular remote monitoring of our ecosystem, providing essential information on the current situation on the ground, as well as on environmental changes, global poverty, urban, agricultural, and economic development, human movement, and other global transitions across all 17 SDGs.


Actionable results without high-resolution images

The expense of high-resolution satellite imagery and the lack of expertise necessary to leverage this data and develop appropriate use cases prevents many organizations from taking advantage of these insights. 

Properly processed and analyzed, Earth observation data, even low-resolution, and sparse datasets, can offer invaluable insights to solve problems, inform policy decisions, and help direct humanitarian efforts.







 Quality at Work


Omdena´s deep expertise lies in combining AI and data science methodologies with both low resolution or high-resolution imagery to generate data driven insights to guide organizations in decision making, planning and response.



 Example case studies


Increasing solar energy adoption in Africa

How to find the most suitable spots for solar installments across Nigerian communities? To answer this question, a team of 26 collaborators combined satellite imagery and population data to create an interactive map that lists the top Nigerian regions with high demand for electricity and high feasibility for solar panel installments.

“The team of collaborators has changed our lives” – Ademola Eric Adewumi, Co-Founder Renewable Africa


The tool helps to survey and validate the locations before installing the solar panels, which can have a real impACT on the lives of thousands of people in need. 

Computer vision for wildfire detection

Brazilian startup Sintecsys hosted an eight weeks AI project to scale their wildfires detection solution. 47 Omdena collaborators built a deployable model to identify fires in under two minutes to save lives and reduce infrastructure costs.



AI Wildfires

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– Best-practices in data collection & preparation and modeling
– Use cases in disaster response, crop classification, renewable energy, climate change, and wildfires

Finding the safest path in an earthquake

In collaboration with Istanbul’s ImpactHub innovation center, Omdena data scientists identified the problem – emergency response in an earthquake-prone region – and then the solution. Our data scientists combined satellite imagery of Istanbul with street map data in order to build a tool that facilitates family reunification by indicating the shortest and safest route between two points after an earthquake.



Together we can accomplish more

We’re committed to empowering organizations worldwide to achieve their unique goals.

Amazing experience in many ways! Omdena´s collaborative platform gave us a deep dive into AI with extraordinary results. From now on Omdena is our official AI partner.

Osmar Bambini

Head of Innovation at Sintecsys, Wildfire detection company