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Novel applications in Artificial Intelligence (AI) planning 

Planning is a long-standing sub-area of AI with the task of finding a procedural course of action for a system to reach its goals while optimizing for performance. We create new planning algorithms and develop applications for domains where our solutions can create the biggest impACT. 

Example case studies


Preventing sexual harassment through a pathfinding algorithm using Nearby Search and Directions API

Using one of the world´s largest data sets on sexual harassment cases, the team developed heatmaps that predict places within a city (example Mumbai) at high risk of sexual harassment. To find nearby ‘safe-spots’ and walking directions to those places we developed a pathfinding algorithm leveraging Google’s Maps API— combining Nearby Search and Directions API.

Improving emergency management through predicting relief packages

  1. A collaborative Omdena team of 34 AI experts and data scientists worked with the UN World Food Programme to build solutions to predict affected populations and create customized relief packages. The tool looks for various different features such as days to be covered, the number of affected people, pregnancies, kids, and many more. 


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