fbpx An AI Challenge to create safer communities and prevent gun voilence

AI Challenge to create safer communities and reduce gang violence

In this challenge, you will work with leading NGO Voice4Impact in Chicago, a former FBI Agent, and a global community of AI enthusiasts.

The challenge goal is to create a solution that analyzes the constant evolution of communication styles on social media within risk communities, not only through exact words but also its sentiment. To build the AI model, we first have to study gang behaviors (i.e. gang terms, narcotics Terms, Corporate Security). Next, by using various datasets we plan to train a model to classify gang behaviors.

Check our requirements below and apply at the end of the page.
  • Good English and access to a computer with internet
  • A good/very good grasp in computer science and/or mathematics
  • Student, junior developer or a developer who is changing the work field
  • Programming experience with C/C++, C#, Java, Python, Javascript or similar
  • Understanding of ML and Deep learning algorithms.
  • Passed or started an online course in machine learning/deep learning.
  • Availability of around 15-20 hours a week (minimum).
Your benefits:
  • Working with world-class AI mentors and domain experts
  • Being part of a driven and supportive community of collaborators
  • Learning and sharing your knowledge within the community of AI enthusiasts
  • Certificates of participation and references
  • Being featured on our website and blog as an active member

Community Member (Public Safety)