What is Omdena?

Omdena is a collaborative platform where a global community of changemakers builds AI solutions to real-world problems.

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In our first 12 months (founded May 2019), our community has grown from zero to more than 950 collaborators from 79 countries. Through collaboration, we’ve completed 18 projects with organizations, ranging from detecting wildfires, to fighting sexual harassment, predicting climate change, and preventing gang and gun violence. 

Check out our latest trending project solution, featured on The Next Web, to unite families after an earthquake.

How Omdena works

We enable companies and mission-driven organizations to become AI-powered by collaborating with a global AI community. We do this by running two-month AI challenges where an organization proposes a problem, which is then solved by up to 50 AI experts, engaged citizens, and data scientists.

What We’re Solving For

Omdena’s unique Collaborative AI approach results in the following advantages:

  • Taking a broad problem statement to a refined AI use case.
  • Overcoming data challenges by preparing and augmenting data sources
  • Building Ethical AI solutions by instilling diversity in the development process
How We’re Different
  • Omdena delivers solutions based on real-world data at the end of an eight week AI Project, for further refinement by the project partner.
  • Omdena is the only organization for global and inclusive collaboration to build AI systems.

Omdena is making a real change in building AI for meaningful problems,

Kirk Borne, Global Top AI Influencer

How Omdena was born

In late 2018, after more than 10 years in AI and entrepreneurship, Omdena Founder Rudradeb Mitra had the opportunity to work with a cleantech startup in his home country India. The mission was to build an AI-powered solution that can identify houses that are most suitable for solar panels. 

Within a couple of weeks 50 AI engineers, partly from remote areas in India, came together in an online environment to build a solution to a problem they deeply cared about: clean energy. 


India AI Community

Members of the community

Using AI to identify shadow-free rooftop space


Collaboration among the diverse group of motivated people proved to be very powerful. Inspired by the success of the project, Rudradeb founded Omdena on May 22nd 2019 to bring Collaborative AI to many more organizations and communities around the world. 

The Team

Rudradeb Omdena

Rudradeb Mitra


Rudradeb is a serial entrepreneur with more than 10 years experience in AI.

He is a mentor at several institutions such as Google Developers, ImpactHub, EFMA, and spoke at more than 90 events about AI, entrepreneurship, and product development.

Rudradeb believes in a minimalist way of living and talking less but doing more.


Michael Burkhardt Omdena

Michael Burkhardt

Founding Member, Head of Marketing & Community

Michael has been working in several countries from the west to the east in roles of Business Development, Innovation Management, and Public Affairs.

His passion is to build communities for Good. Beyond AI he teaches meditation and mindfulness.

Laura Clark Murray Omdena

Laura Clark Murray

Head of Partnership & Operation

Laura worked in product leadership with Apple and Electronic Arts, and counts 20+ years in business management, development and communications across diverse industries including AI and software development, entertainment, and non-profits.

Jake Carey-Rand

Jake Carey-Rand

Head of Business Development

Jake brings nearly 20 years of experience in developing sales and partner teams and driving strategic growth in major technology businesses.

Jake has a passion for travel, cycling, cooking, and rescue dogs. But more than anything, he believes in technology’s ability to positively impact everyone. Jake is a Global Advisor to Orphans International Worldwide.

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